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Denver Broncos (the new old browns) @ Cleveland Browns - Thursday, 10/21 - 6:20 Mountain


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LOL @ the title, props to @champ11  MAJOR callback.

Our QB jersey a Denver fan could wear since 2016:

Trevor Siemien

Paxton Lynch

Brock Osweiler

Case Freaking Keenum (made him the 2nd highest FA, behind Cousins)

Joe Flacco (actually traded a draft pick for him)

Drew Lock

Brandon Allen

Brett Rypien

Jeff Driskel

Kendall Hinton (not his fault lol)

Teddy Bridgewater

Not quite up to the Cleveland era pre-Baker, but on a year-per-year basis, it's up there. 

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16 minutes ago, candyman93 said:

Teddy Bridgewater will look like the best QB in your division this week.


Just block Garrett + Clowney and you will torch us.

Jeudy's highly unlikely to play.    That creates a huge problem for us, since we don't have the talent to expose bad secondaries, especially if they've got a strong pass rush.

Even without both RB's, the run game is going to be a massive problem for DEN's D.   Both Alexander Johnson and Jewell are out.  The secondary is not playing well, and against a trio of Landry, Peoples-Jones and OBJ, there are a ton of problems this gives them.   Njoku/Hooper, same deal and 100x worse, our top 2 backup ILB's likely are also out (yes, that's 4 ILB's out on our end).

The key IMO is if Landry & both T's return (Wills >> Conklin).  If that happens, we won't be able to stop the O.   ST's we lose at.  Game management we lose at, and badly at that.  

Even if the O has success against your battered D.....the rest of the equation isn't pretty at all.    

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3 minutes ago, paul-mac said:

Who starts for Cleveland at RB in absence of their main two guys? Whoever it is, I want him on the waiver wire this week. 

Dominic Felton is likely the passing RB, but D'Ernst Johnson is the running guy up next.  They could let Felton take some of the running work, so if you want fantasy impact, go Felton.

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50 minutes ago, paul-mac said:

I see that Vegas only has them at -4.5. I’ll be putting a substantial bet on the Browns at that crazy number. 

The only reason to wait - Baker's getting a 2nd opinion on his non-throwing shoulder.     As long  as he plays, I'm there as well.   If Baker doesn't play, as limited of a game manager that I think he is, he's still a massive loss when Case Freaking Keenum is his backup.


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Can you imagine Keenum beating us, whilst acting like he was hard done to by us? Don't think I will be able to take that. We paid the guy $22m for 1 year ... Anyway ...

Same story for us:

Stop the run on Defense. Force  3rd and 6+.

Stay out of 3rd and long on Offense.

I really can't be bothered going into more detail, because that's all it comes down to.

We don't have the pass rush (particularly inside) to effectively rush the passer on 3rd and 2/3/4 because we can't play the run and pass at the same time (you need dominant physical players to do this, i.e bull rushers).

We don't have the pass protection, QB ability or WR ability to convert consistently on 3rd and 6+ so naturally we have to stay out of those scenarios.

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The Browns defense is a trainwreck in points given up outside of 2 games in a vacuum (one of them against the Bears).

Baker is 50/50 to play.

No Chubb or Hunt.

Likely no Jarvis.

OBJ is 50/50 (not that he's any good anyway)

JOK is out for 4-5 weeks (major loss to the defense)

I can't see how Cleveland wins this one at all TBH.

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Here’s the only way Cleveland beats you guys:


1. You struggle blocking Myles and Jadeveon.

2. You struggle defending DPJ. Not OBJ, I mean Donovan Peoples Jones.

3. You struggle defending our run game.

David Njoku can have random monster games if your LBs are weak. He’s inconsistent though.


You guys should win. We’re injured as hell.

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