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MCU TA - Round 1 - Cull Obsidian (25) vs Ant-Man (40)


Round 1 - Section 1  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. 25th seed vs 40th seed

    • Cull Obsidian (25)
    • Ant-Man (40)

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  • Poll closed on 10/20/2021 at 08:00 PM

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Come one come all to the tournament arc to end all tournament arcs - MCU characters. For those of you who partook in the Best TV Show of All Time contest, this will run very similarly. 


Please keep in mind this is NOT a popularity contest. This is a who is the strongest/would win in a fight contest. Please do not consider powerset/abilities from the comics, strictly keep to what has be shown in the MCU. 

 Closes Wednesday 10/20/21 @4pm

@Manny/Patrick @PARROTHEAD @THE DUKE @Acgott @titansNvolsR#1 @D82 @Kiltman @thrILL! @TecmoSuperJoe @TitanSlim @Beck Bristow @Bullet Club @Ty21 @kingseanjohn @seminoles1 @Xenos @ET80  @The Gnat @theJ @43M  @WizardHawk @August4th @Breesus mode @Fresh Prince @Outpost31 @INbengalfan  @minutemancl @KManX89  @RamRod @skywindO2 @NcFinest9erFan @KimuraGod @JoshstraDaymus @rob_shadows @AlexGreen#20 @Daniel @Jakuvious @Tetsujin @Blue @broncofan48 @RuskieTitan @NYRaider @showtime @biggio7 @OhioG @diamondbull424 @hornbybrown @Dr LBC

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Depends on if it’s Endgame or IW Obsidian.

I think it’d be close. Giant Man has the strength feat, but is incredibly slow while CO had enough speed and power to battle both Iron Man and Spider Man at the same time.

Yet CO is also somewhat inconsistent with his feats. While Ant Man is generally shown to be one of the weaker Avengers in his movies (IMO) yet has some outlier showings.

I think 1v1 Scott doesn’t have the alley oop for his stomp. He’d have to have the speed, skills, and durability to bang with CO and I don’t think he’ll hold up to it.

Though I also think Scott is smart enough where with prep time he could probably cultivate the kind of plan to ensure victory over CO.

Ultimately I went with Cull Obsidian. He’s got very inconsistent showings, but still seems to have the speed and experience advantage that could carry him through. 6/10 CO IMO.

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3 hours ago, NcFinest9erFan said:

Ant man and it isn't close. For the reasons stated above. He'll shrink himself, go in Cull then Giant it. Done.

if i were ant-man, i'd try to go giant first and step on him.  Exploding him from the inside sounds pretty gross.

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