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Let’s consider for a moment whether Mike Munchak is…


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7 hours ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

See that doesn’t bother me. He kept Tennessee competitive with Mariota and a crap roster; no one is going to confuse him for Tomlin/Paton/Reid/etc. but he can be a passable HC for 2/3 of a season. He knows what it takes to be a HC and I imagine he will be very much a CEO type if and when he replaces Fangio. 

I think if we lose tonight a change will be made. But it won’t be Fangio who gets canned, it’ll be Shurmur with Mike Shula taking over as play-caller. 

Seems it'll be more of the same, a coach whose acclaim disappoints from the HC position. Fangio's defense is underperforming as is Munchek's Oline this year, despite some serious talent. 

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