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Week 7 MNF: Saints (3-2) @ Seahawks (2-4)


Pick the winner!  

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  1. 1. Who wins tonight?

    • New Orleans & the amazing Jameis "Eat a W" Winston (OK maybe Alvin Kamara & that NO OL & DST might help)
    • Seattle & mighty Geno Smith (OK maybe DK Metcalf & Tyler Lockett help him a little)

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Big game for the Saints in an ultra-competitive top of NFC, pretty much a must-win for SEA, who IMO look dead in the water.

A few key matchups:

1.   With no Taysom Hill, can the Jameis Gunslinger Show continue?   Will Payton let him keep slinging it?  Jameis has his moments of "OMG what are you thinking" - but he's also the gunslinger that can exploit SEA's pass coverage.    SEA's run D remains their strongest point - so attacking the Seahawks through the air, and in the middle-deep areas, is key.  That means taking the good & bad Jameis brings.    The return of LT Terron Armstead and C Erik McCoy are HUGE for Jameis & the O, even if they likely miss out on Taysom Hill, Michael Thomas, Deonte Harris, Tony Jones Jr (all confirmed out), and maybe Tre'quon Smith (return from IR unconfirmed).

2.  Will Kamara get more pass game usage - I get it, Tony Jones is not playing, and Lat Murray is gone.   But you minimize Kamara's impact by making him mostly a classic run-first RB.   Getting him in space is such a plus.    The Saints were better at it last game, but need to keep committing to this, until Michael Thomas steps up

3.  Will the Seahawks stop using Jamal Adams in coverage - dude is an in-the-box enforcer and disruptor with the blitz.  He's an absolute liability in coverage.    Wonder if the DC & staff finally are getting the memo?

4.  Will Pete Carroll let DK Metcalf & Tyler Lockett run free - I get it, Geno is not Russell Wilson, not even close.   But SEA will NOT win with a run-first game plan vs. the NO DST.   And as great as CB Lattimore is, you gotta give Metcalf 8-10 chances to make plays.   Get him on short bubble screens, and let him plaster the CB's a couple of times.  And that lets him go deep 2-3x as well.    On the flip side, the best matchup between the 2 has to be Lockett.   I know it's Geno...but SEA just can't be run-run-pass, play field position.   It won't win.

5.  Potential breakout games - if NO is going airshow, then you have to think Marquez Callaway will get his (Tre'quan Smith could return).  I know Kenny Stills is the "name" guy, but Callaway is the danger skill guy.  And in the RZ, watch out for 2-TD Week 1 TE Juwan Johnson - he's the converted WR who is a RZ move TE matchup problem.  On SEA's side, I know that Alex Collins is back - but the guys who give NO's D a problem are more the pass-catchers.   So if he's back, just maybe it's time for Rashad Penny to make an impact.   


Overall, unless Jameis goes 3+ TO's deep, I think NO's got this.   I think Jameis goes 300-3 or 300-2 and runs 1, think Kamara gets his 100+ total yards and a TD or 2 (by the air, if not the ground), and NO wins this 31-20, UNLESS the weather is absolutely miserable, then I'd say it's more like a 27-17 game.     Either way, hoping it's WAY more entertaining from a football skills perspective than last week's SNF, but won't mind if the late drama shows up, too (just please be better football quality-wise this time).

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5 minutes ago, sammymvpknight said:

That’s really unlikely unless it’s a 200 yard 5 TD game like week 1. They Saints have no desire to throw the ball. 

I'm cool with a 20 point Winston game too, as long as ya'll can limit Geno and the kicker to a combined 5 points.

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