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"Diggs! Sideline! Touchdown! Unbelievable!" - Al Michaels, 10/31/21

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Just now, resilient part 2 said:

Jason Garrett sucked as a quarterback but he managed to win one game this game is not over already .. Have some faith with a little luck we can do this

That Cowboys defense was a lot better then this one. If Dalton was qb I would say ye they can still win with Rush very little chance.

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I am not confident with Rush but am not hopeless.   A lot depends upon what type of rhythm they can find if any with the offense.  IF they start out trying to run Zeke up the middle 1st down 2nd down then expect Rush to make a play 3rd long then it will be a long game.....

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Well in a surprise maybe Washington lost to Denver so Philly is our main worry....  I do think a bye is possible.

IF it was me, no1 would to do what I could to limit the rush.  Have a lot of double sets with Pollard and Zeke... wild cat a few times. But with Coop and Lamb and company you can run some quick hitting pass plays as well that hopeful will move the chains. 

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