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New Wendy's fries: are they any good?


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Seen lots of commercials for these new fries at Wendy's that they claim tasters "preferred almost 2 to 1 over McDonald's." Needless to say I am skeptical. I checked out my neighborhood Wendy's which is right off a major highway, and they don't even have them yet.

Has anyone been able to try them, and if so, how were they?

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Just had Wendys the other day for the first time in awhile.    Honestly didn't even know they were different, but as I said, its been about a year.

Only thing I really like at Wendy's are their Spicy Chicken sandwiches.   Everything else is forgettable.

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Wendy's are finally fixing their fries?  That's cool.


I remain skeptical.  But they definitely needed significant improvement.  They were just way too much potato, way too little crisp.  Way too much salt to try to make up for it.  Just kinda mushy yuck.



McDonald's fries are so firmly entrenched at the top of the heap, i doubt there's anything Wendy's could do to topple them.  But improvement is much needed there, so upgrades are much needed even if they don't top the heap.


If they do turn into decent fries though, their available Chili Cheese configuration option is going to become intriguing.

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6 hours ago, NateDawg said:

I had Wendy’s tonight and didn’t realize the fries were new. As with any time I get Wendy’s fries, I am ingesting more sauce than fry with every bite. In this case, ghost pepper ranch, because they got rid of creamy Sriracha.

Was so upset when I asked for Sriracha and they said they got rid of it. 

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