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Cowboys fear LB Jabril Cox tore ACL

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22 minutes ago, textaz03 said:

Except this back up RB. Pollard is far more essential to this Offense than Cox is to the Defense

I love Pollard as much as the next Cowboys fan, but he is still a RB. There are 10 "pollards" drafted every year. If we lost him, we'd easily be able to find another. Tho your point is correct because Pollard gets double the snaps that Cox does. 

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I would say almost zero chance we bring him back this year.    I am a little surprised about Anae especially with the Cox out. I guess they have faith that Kamara can take his roll.  Right now we have 12 players available for 7 spots.  We also have 10 for 4 spots.  So I imagine they expect to play a lot of  packages with 5 DB's going forward.  Kearse has shown he can be effective close to the LOS much like Neal.  Soon McKeon will replace Sprinkler, and Gallup - Fehoko.  But who goes down when DLaw and Gallimore come back. And do we also add Bernard when healthy for special teams and LB depth.  I find very little info on what exactly is wrong with Bernard.   I image Kamara-Grier-Clement-Turner are all on the hot seat. 

oops also forgot about Trysten Hill who is not practicing and will be on the roster before Gallimore....

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