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Game #9 - Sun, Nov 7 vs Green Bay


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Before the season, this looked like the tough game before two cupcakes. The Raiders and Cowboys have not played their parts. Regardless, the Packers are up first, so we start with the news that Aaron Rodger will not play. 

Newly acquired TE Daniel Brown will wear #89. Here are some things to know about him. Two are potentially important. First, he is a ST workhorse. Second, like Cody Fortson, he's a converted WR.

Snap counts indicate that the defense is starting to get healthy, finally.

He's not the first person to say it, but this article is a vote for running the ball more often. That said, we may have seen OC Bienemy's version of a run heavy offense on Monday. Most of Mahomes' passes were within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

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Man I was such a fan of Jordan Love.    I’d be pulling for him if it was any other week.

I don’t see GB changing their game plan  at all even with Rodgers out.    Hoping we can knock him around a bit, been awhile since he’s played for real 

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I wish I could say this is what we need to get on track, but we couldn’t really “get on track” against Daniel Jones some back up WRs and back up RBs…I think even with Love we’re likely to lose by ten.  Living in WI I’m hearing all kinds of smack talk Rodgers thing has simmered it down a touch, but we get owned by the back up…yikes.  Pray for me brothers.

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Were really lucky we dont have to face Rodgers, although Spagz with no tape on the opposing QB might be even worse than usual.

Hopefully Mahomes is working on his footwork all week, id rather not have to keep posting about how terrible he’s playing

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I feel a little crazy for saying this, but I think the defense is turning a corner. Not into a top 10, but top 15-20 unit.

Jones back at DT will only help him and Clark. Hitchens back gets Niemann off the field. Ward has his game legs back. Now we just need Watts to replace Sorensen. 

Prediction: Sack nation returns this week

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You may be right. Injuries were a lot bigger deal that was anticipated. Clark is back at full speed. Jones was upgraded. Gay is ready to play. Hitchens is back. Asked if Hitchens would return as SAM, leaving Bolton at MIKE, Spagnuolo said:

I don’t know if we’ll go that route. There’s usually four of those guys that work in there. They’re all going to work; we have packages for all of them, so we’ll get them in there.

Mahomes says he has not been playing hurt. 

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Injury report. Even though Aaron Rodgers is out (and will be for some time) he is not on this report. 

Remmers out (Niang starting) and Ingram in. The defense is looking healthier.






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