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Week 9 GDT: Bengals vs. Browns, CARP WEEK Edition


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1 hour ago, NateDawg said:

Any interest over here in Odell Beckham? He’s a wonderful gift … 


This reminds me of the exact moment I lost all faith in humanity.

I was in college at the time and a buddy and I went to see Troy and we’re in the theater and the horse is in Troy and the Greeks start coming out of the bottom and someone in the audience a couple rows away yells “IT’S A TRAP!!!”.

I look to see who could possibly be surprised by this and it’s some 50 something year old woman completely stunned and captivated by something that clearly had never crossed her mind previously.

Maybe I do live around hill people….

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I hate the Carp thing. It really only works when we're both terrible,  which doesn't appear to be the case for awhile. 

A bunch of my friends are going Sunday.  I'm a little jealous, but when  they were making plans I couldn't fathom why I'd want to watch the Browns whoop my team with a bunch of Browns fans. Of course,  could still happen,  but there's some intrigue now.

What's the disfunction in Cleveland?  They should be better than their record or that game i watched last week. 

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