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Your Most Disappointing Players?


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I told everyone to stay away from Mike Davis but then in my auction draft he was the best option left for RB2.  He has been absolute trash and I knew it would happen but didn't listen to myself.  

I expected Ridley to blow up without Julio in town.  That backfired dramatically.  

TJ Hockenson is the only guy who can catch a pass in Detroit but they never throw to him.  Last week he got me 0 points. He had a good first two weeks and has averaged 6 points a game since. 

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14 hours ago, NYRaider said:

Waller has been a major disappointment this season. 


I'm trying to figure out the main reason as to why (because I don't think it can be as simple as "Gruden isn't there anymore"), just so I can make an eval as to whether to just drop Waller as a live grenade on the WW for others in my league to possibly burn starts on.  Leatherwood constantly drawing penalties and being largely outmatched is probably responsible for him (Waller) having shallower routes, as he's having to stay home to chip first.  Teams have clearly identified Waller as the main threat in the offense - he's still getting the targets, but they aren't as often resulting in catches, gains, and certainly not TD's.  That's a part that can/should be schemed away (at least some) by a competent OC.  I'm unconvinced that's a description that can be properly associated with Greg Olson.  It hasn't appeared like Carr is really all that off with his throws.

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6 hours ago, mattyice0401 said:

No clue but hes disappointed me this year

He's averaging 21 ppg despite missing one game and the following week due to covid, playing with Love due to Rodgers having covid, and then playing with Rodgers after he missed the entire week of practice.

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