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Elden Ring


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3 minutes ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

I watched a video last night and one of the bosses looked extremely hard but I'll pop my cherry and get this.  I just don't have hours of time to figure out a boss unless I stay in for the weekend.

Seems like there will be at least a few of us here who are getting and playing this game. You could always tag us in for some jolly cooperation to help out with any harder bosses.

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43 minutes ago, minutemancl said:

I'm going to have to wait until Friday to start playing. The good news is that my wife is working this weekend and the only thing I have on the calendar is a mini weighlifting competition on Saturday morning, so I'll get to put in serious hours over the next few days. I'm very excited.


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Got the day off on Friday and will be on all day. Reviews are not that surprising but i'm still amazed that a company that has never made an open world game like this can seemingly do it better then the companies that have been doing it forever. I thought the Souls series was based on tight well thought out levels and they may struggle with open world or the gameplay may not allow for that to shine but glad to see I was wrong. 

I think what will separate this game from others is that unlike most games that are terrified of the player missing chunks of a game that the developer worked hard at From has always been fine putting secrets into there worlds that some players will never even see yet keeping the quality just as high as the rest of the game (Painted World of Ariamis & Ash Lake were some of the best crafted areas in Dark Souls series) . It will make this open world so much more then your standard ones that most games have. 

Playing on PS5 and will be ready for helping my fellow tarnished. Praise the Sun!

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1 hour ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

I think I'm going to start with Vagabond.  What about everyone else?


2 hours ago, Spartacus said:

No. It is cross-gen so a ps5 user can play with a ps4 user but a Xbox user cannot play with a PS or PC user

There is no Xbox/PC crossover? That is kind of surprising. I could be wrong, but I thought that was kind of built in now.

I'll be playing on Xbox. Anyone else?

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