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Week 11 Prospect Talk

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32 minutes ago, kingseanjohn said:

He’s the only reason I’m watching that game. Only having one year of production usually worries me. But I think he can sneak into the 1st. 

He looks light in the pants. I’ve seen him pancakes a few times today. He often doesn’t look ready and his leverage is poor. Stuff he might clean up…

Docson looks pretty solid at WR. His size will hurt him, but he’s quick/fast with strong hands. 

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Jurkovec looking pretty good. Didn't really love his td pass to Flowers, because he had to slow down for a second, and it looks like he never really throws with any effort, but the ball gets there. I want to see him rip one. He honestly kind of looks like Wentz, when Wentz stays in the pocket and only runs as a last resort. Nice touch there on that 3rd and 10 deep ball! Followed by a nice TD run! He's looking like the 2017 version of Wentz today. Also way better looking than Wentz, which lessens the bust potential. 237 yards passing and 2 td's, with another 2 td's rushing at the half. I don't remember him looking this mobile last year, but I also remember him throwing with more zip. Guessing the wrist isn't 100% yet, but then again he was supposed to be done for the season when it happened, so impressive regardless.

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2 hours ago, jrry32 said:

The numbers aren't there, but people should take a look at Dameon Pierce. He's an underrated talent at HB.

I think he'd be great in a RB committee. I'd take him as early as the 3rd-4th right now.

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