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Hot take; Detroit wins large. 31-15. Team fires on all cylinders and puts out a complete performance across the board.

I will be asleep for the majority of the game as I live on the west coast and work nights. I will therefore not have the agony nor the pleasure of watching.

Mason Rudolph is simply too punchable.

Here is a picture of a football.


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Kicker sucks but hey, find a new one next week. 

Oline is looking more like I thought it would this year. Decker is definately helping out, Nelson as a mean blocking TE works out well in those heavy packages, would look more domiante/promising with Ragnow at C who's a top 20 linemen in the league period. 

Poor tackling but Igwee(I'm just gonna call him that.) made a nice run. Need to feed him the ball a lot more to see what he can do.

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3 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

Evan Brown really has played well at C with Ragnow out. Decker back and Sewell at RT has helped our run game immensely. If we could add a RG that would be ideal. Maybe move Evan Brown to RG when Ragnow gets back next season?

I'd just horde Brown/Nelson as plus back ups able to step in at both Tackle and all interior spots and draft/sign competitors at RG, while still also giving those two a shot to start at the position, though I'd assume they're back-ups. ( Just me ) Wyatt Teller is pretty dang good at RG and is a guy I'd sign big money for. RG is " theoretically " the easiest position on the line to find.

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