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BDL 2021 Week 10 - Berlin Blitzkrieg @ Hungary Hippos


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BDL 2021 Week 10

Match:  Berlin Blitzkrieg @ Hungary Hippos

Away Owner:    @Ragnarok

Home Owner:  @PR

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Berlin Blitzkrieg

Time to avenge another early season loss on the road, get back to .500 at home, and keep our playoff hopes alive.

QB - Aaron Rodgers
WR - Allen Robinson
WR - Marquise Brown
WR - Brandon Aiyuk
WR - Odell Beckham
WR - Kadarius Toney
LT - Kolton Miller
LG - James Daniels
C - Corey Linsley
RG - Alex Cappa
RT - Tristan Wirfs

RB - Aaron Jones
RB - Kenneth Gainwell
RB - Michael Carter
TE - Hunter Henry
TE - Dallas Godert
WR - Marquez Valdez-Scantling
TE - Jordan Akins
IOL - Royce Newman

DE - Trey Hendrickson
DT - Quinnen Williams
DT - Derrick Brown
DE - D.J. Wonnum
LB - Baron Browning
LB - Kyzir White
CB - Donte Jackson
CB - Eric Stokes
NB - Byron Murphy
S - Antoine Winfield
S - Juan Thornhill

DE - Trevis Gipson
DE - Yetur Gross-Matos
DT - Zach Sieler
DT - Khyiris Tonga
LB - Jalen Reeves-Maybin
LB - Justin Strnad
CB - Kendall Fuller
CB - Nik Needham


Hungary Hippos

QB – Dak Prescott

RB – Joe Mixon

WR – D.K. Metcalf

WR – Tyler Lockett

Slot – Adam Thielen

TE – T. J. Hockenson

LT – Charles Leno Jr

LG – Ali Marpet

C – Austin Reiter

RG – John Simpson

RT – Eric Fisher


RB – James Robinson (Q)

RB – JaMycal Hasty

WR – Darius Slayton

WR – Marquise Goodwin

TE – Jonnu Smith

TE – Ian Thomas

OL – Andre Dillard

OL – Connor McGovern




DE - Emmanuel Ogbah

DT - Jonathan Allen

DT - Armon Watts

DE - Charles Harris

LB - Deion Jones

LB - Shaq Thompson

CB - Casey Hayward

FS - Andrew Wingard

SS - Chuck Clark

NCB - AJ Bouye

CB - Emmanuel Moseley


DE - Everson Griffen

DE - Mario Addison

DT - Solomon Thomas

DT - Daquan Jones

LB - Denzel Perryman

LB - Logan Wilson

CB - AJ Parker

CB - Amani Oruwaiye

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Berlin Blitzkrieg


Overview - We think our OL will be able to keep Rodgers clean, so we want to get Hungary’s talented LBers off the field, spread out their defense, and attack.

5 WR - 20% - We are going to use this set on the first play and incorporate it through the game.  OBJ and Marquise will play outside and go deep while Robinson and Aiyuk will play slot and work intermediate.  Toney will play a tight slot, motion across the formation, maybe move into the backfield to play RB, really just move all over and serve as an underneath security option.  We will run a jet sweep, maybe two, with Toney and give him a couple handoffs from the backfield, just to see if he can break a tackle.  We will also roll Rodgers out of the pocket a couple times in this set to allow him the ability to scramble for cheap yards.  But mostly Rodgers will be in shotgun, Toney will go in motion to tip coverages, and Rodgers will find the open man.

4 WR - 45% - Aaron Jones will come in for a WR(we will rotate our top 5 WRs through in this set) and line up next to Rodgers in shotgun.  We will run at the edges, give a number of delayed handoffs, and use Jones on screens and flares.  If they are sitting both safeties back, we will run a bit more, and if they bring a safety up into the box, we will attack more down the field with Jones staying in to give us an additional blocker before serving as a check down.

3 WR - 15% - We will run our standard 3 WR set here with Robinson and Marquise outside and OBJ or Toney in the slot.  Look for a balanced run-pass ratio here, but we are going to use a lot of bunch formations with all 3 WRs lined up to one side away from the TE.  Here, Rodgers will see if he wants to run Jones to the TE side if they overload the bunch, throw a WR screen to the bunch side if the numbers are there, or have the WRs release into their normal routes, utilizing rub concepts as they release.  We will fake a WR screen to the bunch side, then come back to Jones the other way with the TE as the lead blocker.

2 TE - 20% - We aren’t going to use this set as frequently as usual, but we do want to use this in short yardage, goalline, and late game situations to chew up clock.  Rodgers will be under center more here and we will run inside and outside to keep the defense honest.  Look for us to put one TE in motion either lined up tight next to the other TE for numbers advantage to that side, or out into the slot to lighten the box/isolate a LB in space.  We will make use of mostly play action for our passing attack.  We are going to use TE out routes as Rodgers lives those, but we will push our TEs down the seam as well, especially if we see split safeties.  We will typically have one WR(Marquise/OBJ) push down the field while one(Robinson/Aiyuk/Toney) works more short to intermediate depending on where the TEs are attacking.


Overview - Pressure Dak from the right, force him to his left which he hates, take away the deep ball.

Defensive Line - Hungary is hurting on the OL with both Paradis and Glasgow going down.  We think that Quinnen and Derrick will have a field day against their replacements and want to make sure to line Quinnen up across from Glasgow’s replacement.  Eric Fisher has struggled in pass protection, so Hendrickson will play across from him all game.  Our goal here is to collapse the right side of the OL and force Dak to escape to his left where he is less comfortable throwing.  We will rotate our RE spot based on the down and distance.

Man Coverage

Linebackers - No Tremaine hurts this week, but Browning steps into his spot and we hope he continues to impress. Kyzir will have Hockenson.  Browning will have Mixon.  if they bring in a 2nd TE/RB, Reeves-Maybin will come in and take them.

Corners - Donte takes Metcalf, Byron takes Thielen as he limited him earlier this year, and Stokes takes Lockett to combat his deep speed.  If they play a 4th WR, Browning comes out and Fuller comes in and takes the 4th WR.  If Stokes is out, Byron takes his role, Fuller takes Byron’s and Needham serves as our 4th CB.

Safeties - We are going to play mostly two deep this week.  Their wide receivers and Dak do their most damage on chunk plays down the field, so we want to remove that as an option.  Winfield and Thornhill will each start in deep halves and will most frequently stay in a Cover 2 shell.  But we will rotate them at times with Thornhill staying deep and Winfield coming up if we go with Cover 3.

Zone Coverage
We will mix in zone coverages this week around 40% of the time to go with our primary man coverage including Cover 2, 3, 4, and 6.  We will play Cover 2, 4, and 6 as they will look very similar to Cover 2 man presnap and just after the snap to confuse Dak.  We will play about 20% Cover 3 overall, especially on early downs, to rotate our safeties and get Winfield closer to the LOS after the snap to assist in the run game while allowing for protection against the deep ball.


Hungary Hippos


We are currently right in the thick of the playoff race facing off against a divisional rival who is right on our heels. A win could set us up for a playoff run, while a loss could potentially have us looking to the offseason. This is an extremely important game in front of our home crowd and we will certainly not disappoint them.


This week on offense we believe we have the superior talent and we are going to utilize a balanced offense that wants to utilize all of our strengths and exploit all levels of the field.

In our passing game, our primary focus will be on Levels concepts to consistently put pressure on the Berlin coverage unit. D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett will play outside and focus on deep routes and keep the Berlin safeties in deep coverage. We feel that both of these receivers will win a 1v1 against any of Berlin's outside corners, and we will seek to exploit that matchup if Berlin wants to gamble with a box safety. Adam Thielen will play out of the slot and focus on intermediate routes. We feel we can generate very favorable matchups for Thielen this way and he will be targeted often if he receives single coverage. Joe Mixon will work as an outlet receiver on underneath routes. T.J. Hockenson will be a highlight for us as we utilize him on a variety of routes at all levels, especially seams and drags/curls/flats to work against the Berlin linebackers.

Although we will often keep our base 11 personnel when running, we will also utilize 2 TE formations similar to our week 3 victory over this squad. Mixon and James Robinson will both be featured, and we will focus on running inside and use power concepts to get to the linebacker level. If Robinson is unable to play, we will likely lean a bit more towards the passing game.

We want to put our faith in Dak's mobility and our offensive line to handle the pass rush from Berlin. We will operate out of the shotgun or pistol often, and Dak will be put on the move when running deeper routes from under center.


Berlin welcomes back Aaron Rodgers this week which means they once again have a formidable offensive attack. This week on defense we are going to play a conservative bend-don't-break defense. Although we don't think we can stop Rodgers altogether, we believe that we can make enough stops and force enough field goals to win what projects to be a shootout game.

Blitzing Rodgers is an extremely risky proposition and we will do so on very rare occasions. Also, because of Rodgers' ability to extend plays, we want to largely lean zone (~70%) as we feel it'll best allow our secondary to remain in position the longest. Our base zone defense will be in a Cover-2 shell. Berlin has only one true deep threat in Marquise Brown, and we think 2 deep safeties will be adequate to contain a lone threat. Our other five coverage defenders will focus on middle and underneath routes to take away Kadarius Toney and other quick passes. We will mix in some Cover-3 or even Cover-4 looks to not be completely predictable in our zones. In our Cover-3, we will keep our two safeties deep while also dropping Casey Hayward into a deep zone.

In man coverage, Hayward will shadow Allen Robinson. Emmanuel Moseley will cover Marquise Brown and receive help from Andrew Wingard over the top. AJ Bouye will cover Toney. Deion Jones will cover Hunter Henry. Chuck Clark will split time as a deep safety or as a robber in the middle of the field. Shaq Thompson will spy on Aaron Jones in both the run and pass game.


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I also took the home team. I don’t see Rodgers being out worldly with a pass heavy offense in his first week back from the COVID list, and I saw Dak Prescott this week look much better. While the Berlin secondary has horses, I trust Dak Prescott to get points and enough production that Rodgers is unable to matchup in a competitive game. 27-24 Hungary.

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On 11/16/2021 at 9:19 PM, Blue said:

Love Berlin's aggressiveness this week and their secondary is pretty great (apart from Juan Thornhill, obviously). It helps that Eric Stokes helped shut down two of Hungary's receivers this week IRL.


29 minutes ago, Whicker said:

Comments on this game were epic weak. Come on people wtf. Tell me how to do better 


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30 minutes ago, Whicker said:

Comments on this game were epic weak. Come on people wtf. Tell me how to do better 


On 11/17/2021 at 5:20 AM, wwhickok said:

I like both rosters, both gameplanz, but Blue pretty much nailed this analysis, Except for Juan Thornhill obviously 😉


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