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I'm over our roster "strategy" and trading all these picks to acquire these players


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On 11/16/2021 at 12:32 AM, RamRod said:

I'm about to go on a little rant.

I'm over this. Maybe I'm overreacting or just a little bit heated after this loss. 

I'm gonna leave the Jalen Ramsey trade out of this. He was in his prime at the time of the trade and still is now and arguably the best CB in the league. I'm mainly gonna discuss the Stafford and Von Miller trades.

Hated the Stafford trade when it happened. Way too much to give up for a 33 year old QB on the back end of his career. Guess they expect him to play at a high level until he's 40 but not everybody can be Tom Brady or even Drew Brees. Probably even had to give up way more than we wanted to because he egregiously gave Jared Goff that horrible contract. I mean, the Eagles are probably getting a first round pick for Wentz and we have to give first round picks to get rid of Goff.

Now Von Miller. 32 years of age. Also on the back end of his career. Didn't even play last year because of injuries. Still playing through injuries this year. How sure are we he's still what he used to be?

Meanwhile, we gave up five picks in rounds 1-3 for these two players on the back end of their careers for a Super Bowl we probably won't even make. The amount of risk with these trades is huge. It's basically Super Bowl or bust. Anything less has to be considered a failure. If we don't win one out of this I don't think it's too much exaggeration to say Snead should lose his job. You don't make all these moves with these goals in mind to come up short.

I guess you could say the draft is a crapshoot or maybe I'm putting too much stock into draft picks. There's no guarantee the players you select will even turn out to be good. But hitting on these players is a big key to success. You get young talented players on cheap contracts. People seem to love giving the Rams credit when they hit on these late round guys like SJD or Fuller. If the Rams scouting department is so good at finding these guys seems like there's no trust in them to find good players in rounds 1-3.

I mean Ramsey is really the only example so far of one these working out. Sammy Watkins and Marcus Peters were barely here. Peters was practically given away. Cooks had one good year before they bailed on him after an injury plagued season. At least they got a good return on him and turned it into Van Jefferson.

We've been lucky these past few years to not be hit too hard with injuries but now the injuries are hitting us and most of our depth are young unproven or even undrafted players and I think it's hurting us.


Still mad?? 😀

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