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The Week 12 Thread!


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Saturday, November 20th (Week 12)

Game Time (ET) TV
Charleston Southern @ (1) Georgia 12:00 PM ESPN+/SEC Network+
(7) Michigan State @ (5) Ohio State 12:00 PM ABC
Iowa State @ (12) Oklahoma 12:00 PM FOX
(13) Wake Forest @ Clemson 12:00 PM ESPN
Prairie View A&M @ (16) Texas A&M 12:00 PM ESPN+/SEC Network+
Illinois @ (18) Iowa 2:00 PM FS1
Georgia Tech @ (6) Notre Dame 2:30 PM NBC
(21) Arkansas @ (2) Alabama 3:30 PM CBS
SMU @ (3) Cincinnati 3:30 PM ESPN
(8) Michigan @ Maryland 3:30 PM Big Ten Network
Nebraska @ (19) Wisconsin 3:30 PM ABC
Virginia @ (20) Pittsburgh 3:30 PM ESPN2
UAB @ (15) UTSA 3:30 PM ESPN+
(14) BYU @ Georgia Southern 4:00 PM ESPN+
Syracuse @ (25) NC State 4:00 PM ACC Network
(22) Louisiana @ Liberty 4:00 PM ESPNU
(11) Baylor @ Kansas State 5:30 PM FS1
(4) Oregon @ (24) Utah 7:30 PM ABC
Vanderbilt @ (10) Ole Miss 7:30 PM SEC Network
(9) Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech 8:00 PM FOX

Saturday, November 20th (Top 25 Week 12)

Game Time (ET) TV
Purdue @ Northwestern 12:00 PM Big Ten Network
New Mexico State @ Kentucky 12:00 PM SEC Network
Tennessee State @ Mississippi State 12:00 PM ESPN+/SEC Network+
Florida Atlantic @ Western Kentucky 12:00 PM FS1
Florida State @ Boston College 12:00 PM ACC Network
Wofford @ North Carolina 12:00 PM ESPN3
Rutgers @ Penn State 12:00 PM Big Ten Network
UMass @ Army 12:00 PM CBS Sports Network
Texas @ West Virginia 12:00 PM ESPN2
South Florida @ Tulane 12:00 PM ESPN+
Kent State @ Akron 12:00 PM ESPN+
Texas State @ Coastal Carolina 1:00 PM ESPN+
Arkansas State @ Georgia State 2:00 PM ESPN3
Washington @ Colorado 3:00 PM Pac-12 Network
Marshall @ Charlotte 3:30 PM Stadium
Old Dominion @ Middle Tennessee 3:30 PM ESPN+
Minnesota @ Indiana 3:30 PM Big Ten Network
East Carolina @ Navy 3:30 PM CBS Sports Network
Appalachian State @ Troy 3:30 PM ESPN+
Florida @ Missouri 4:00 PM SEC Network
Rice @ UTEP 4:00 PM ESPN+
UConn @ UCF 4:00 PM ESPN+
Kansas @ TCU 4:00 PM Big 12 Network/ESPN
Temple @ Tulsa 4:00 PM ESPN+
Auburn @ South Carolina 7:00 PM ESPN
North Texas @ Florida International 7:00 PM ESPN3
California @ Stanford 7:00 PM Pac-12 Network
South Alabama @ Tennessee 7:30 PM ESPNU
Virginia Tech @ Miami 7:30 PM ACC Network
Wyoming @ Utah State 8:00 PM CBS Sports Network
UL Monroe @ LSU 9:00 PM ESPN2
New Mexico State @ Boise State 9:00 PM FS1
Arizona State @ Oregon State 10:30 PM ESPN
Colorado State @ Hawai’i 11:00 PM Spectrum PPV
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Another week, more frauds get exposed. Texas A&M really ruined the SEC intrigue, as we are now all but guaranteed a Georgia/Alabama matchup in the Title game. I think we all expected Oklahoma to fall sooner or later, and while this all but eliminates them from the Playoff, if a bunch more lose after them, and they rally with 2 big wins over OK state, maybe a one loss Big 12 champion has a chance over potential 2 loss other conference champions. I thought we’d have a bit more carnage here, but in a way I guess we do, as there are 10 teams still looking at a chance for the playoffs. Some have tried to argue that Baylor played their way back in, not me, not with that TCU loss and a decisive loss to OKState.

Teams that fell out of the Playoff Chase:

Texas A&M Aggies (7-3)


SEC - 2 Team

Georgia Bulldogs (10-0) v Charleston Southern, @Gerogia Tech

  • Feels like Tennessee was the final test for Georgia, and heading into the SEC Title game undefeated, playing a hyper inflated Alabama, theres just no way they don’t get one of the 4 spots. SO its 3 spots left for 9 teams to fight over.

Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1) vArkansas, @Auburn

  • Basically a bye week doesn’t tell us anything, other than they have beat up on nobodys and are being rewarded for it. They likely take care of Arkansas, and will get massive kudos for beating a then 4 loss team. It’s a house of cards that we can all see being built, but cant do anything about. Just wait for the Iron Bowl I guess

BigTen - 3 Teams

Ohio St Buckeyes (9-1) vMichigan St, @Michigan

  • They survived the buzzsaw that is Purdue! But in all seriousness, their real tests start this weekend. One team will be officially eliminated from Playoff contention this weekend. Id expect it to be the Spartans, who don’t match up all that well with the Buckeyes, but you never know. Heres hoping we get another great matchup with massive stakes Thanksgiving weekend.

Michigan Wolverines (9-1) @Maryland, v Ohio St

  • Give Michigan credit, PSU is a very solid win, a better win than MSU has outside of their matchup. But as Ive said H2H has to mean something, and as long as they are mostly even (one? Better win or a bad loss doesn’t separate teams, it would take multiple of both) the winner of a matchup will continue to get the edge. They should take care of the Terps this weekend, but its never a sure thing when you go on the road with a bad offense.

Michigan St Spartans (9-1) @Ohio St, vPenn St

  • They have to win out to even be considered, and theres a chance they could go the complete opposite way, finishing the regular season with 3 losses. And I haven’t brought it up with the BigTen yet, but just assuming any of these 3 are going to beat Wisconsin for the Conference Championship, as their 3 losses aren’t bad at all, are on a 6 game winning streak, and are just rolling these teams now. They could be a big last minute spoiler for the Playoff.

Big XII - 2 Teams

Oklahoma St Cowboys (9-1) @Texas Tech, vOklahoma

  • Im glad Ive been banging this drum for as long as I have, especially now as more people are coming around. They are a legit team, who are still being slept on. The loss at ISU still bothers me that they had the chance to win/tie it up taken away by bad officiating. As Ive said, the committee are too big of cowards to make a statement about officiating, but I will continue to call it out. I actually am starting to think OU losing to Baylor too could help the Cowboys, that way they aren’t doubling up on the Sooners in back to back weeks. Seeing a different opponent ot beat (although a repeat) could help in the mind of the committee, but we’ll see.

Oklahoma Sooners (9-1) v Iowa St, @Oklahoma St

  • We all knew it was coming, the question now is do they try to scrap back and have a long shot at the Playoff? Or does it all come crumbling down and they even drop this week to Iowa St? I think its somewhere in the middle. But they are who we thought they were (shouts to DG) and that is a pretender all along.

AAC - 1 Team

Cincinnati Bearcats (10-0) vSMU, @East Carolina

  • Ugly once again, but… still a win and still undefeated. This week against SMU doesn’t look as good of a spot for a banner win as it once did, but its still a nice one to have. Getting a really good Houston team in the Championship game is much mor important. And the Committee not ranking the Houston Cougars at all is just as big of an atrocity as putting Alabama at #2. Its just wrong. They are for sure at Top 25 team, and should be Top 20 (maybe 15) by the time we get to the AAC Championship (assuming they win out to there). But we can all se ethe writing on the wall cant we? They are getting screwed again.

PAC-12 - 1 Team

Oregon Ducks (9-1) @Utah, vOregon St

  • They have kept us entertained late night, but in the end they keep winning. And as long as their resume is even close to Ohio St, the Ducks will still be ranked ahead of them (Fresno St + Ohio St is plenty close to Penn St + Purdue). But this is the week they need to get thought. Going to Salt Lake, at Night, in the fog… it aint going to be easy

Independent - 1 Team

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-1) vGeorgia Tech, @Stanford

  • Lingering… just lingering. They will be sitting there at the end of the year 11-1, only loss to the (potentially) undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats. They might be at #6 or higher before Conference Championship weekend, with Alabama, Big Ten East representative, Oregon (if they are still there) and Cincinnati all potentially that could lose and fall behind them.

Here's the week that could come with chaos. It will probably end up only knocking out one team, but I can see a whole lot of scares happening all day. A good amount of games to keep an eye on throughout the day (OU@ISU, NDvGT ARKvBAMA and UM@MD for sure) and a marquee game to watch in each of the time slots. MSU @ Ohio St at Noon, SMU v Cincinnati at 3:30, and Oregon @ Utah at 7:30. Hunker down, fire up the grill, order some pizza, Should be a fun.

My Playoff Rankins for this week:

1.     Georgia Bulldogs

2.     Cincinnati Bearcats

3.     Oregon Ducks

4.     Ohio St Buckeyes

5.     Oklahoma St Cowboys

6.     Alabama Crimson Tide

7.     Michigan St Spartans

8.     Michigan Wolverines

9.     Notre Dame Fighting Irish

10.  Oklahoma Sooners

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