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The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS


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Current Event(s)



Previous Events

SC#9 - Third Time's the Charm Picture ID comp - Ongoing

Shop Until You Drop

The Big Dig (Daboyle, Orca and Pickle are sent to Elimination, Orca forfeits)

Going Mental (Malf, Pickle and Orca are safe, Whicker goes to Purgatory and uses his PT to get out.)

Let the Good Times Roll! (Naz forfeits SE5)

Going Ballistics (Swag forfeits SE4)

Viper, Mongoose, Hyena! (Tk3, Pickle and Bcb win the comp)

Word Associations (Tk3, Pickle and Malf win the comp)

The Hunting Blind (Swag, Naz and Josh sent to Elimination)

The Physical Fitness Evaluations (Endurance - Whicker 1st, Matts 2nd) (Strength - Orca 1st, Whicker 2nd) (Agility - Tk3 1st)

The Immune System Evaluations (Closed - Results Pending)






Player List






@Pickle Rick

Purgatory List [Cleared - Record Keeping Purposes Only]
[ @Whicker ]

@The Orca



Token Bank

@Whicker - 1 Redemption Token



@Matts4313 (Banned during SC3)

@JoshstraDaymus (Eliminated during SE3)

@SwAg (Eliminated during SE4)



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** Any time a rule listed below is being temporarily ignored/altered for a Survival Competition OR has a notable exception I will post it in RED. **

The Game

  • This game is not Mafia or a “Random Number Game” like I’ve hosted in the past. It is based on a cycle of competitions and player eliminations.
  • Each Elimination Cycle will feature one Survival Competition and one Survival Elimination.
  • A Competition is usually a game built around an RNG, a forum-style “Big Brother/Survivor” game, or something similar. In some Competitions strategizing will be heavily favored, in other Competitions the outcome will be bordering on random. 
    • Winners of the Competitions may or may not be awarded anything for their feats, however the loser(s) will always have to go to a Survival Elimination.
  • Survival Eliminations will be based on knowledge and skills related to primitive skills/survival instincts/hunting, fishing, animal tracking & ID/construction, basic wiring and plumbing/medical knowledge/edible plant ID/etc. … If this isn’t your cup of tea, this game might not be for you.
    • Players that lose an Elimination will be sent to Purgatory. If they were competing in the Elimination from Purgatory they will be removed from the game completely.
    • Players in Purgatory can't compete in Competitions, but they must compete in the next Elimination to earn a chance back into the game. Failing to compete counts as a loss in the Elimination.
    • Players may only enter Purgatory once, if they lose an Elimination from Purgatory or as a player in the game who has already been to Purgatory, they are removed from the game.

Communication Rules

  • You may NOT have game related communications with any player outside of this thread after PFEs are finished.
    • There is one exception to this rule: you will be given a link to your own personal Discord server. You may PM me the name of one player when you sign up, and they will be given an invitation to your Discord server. You may communicate there at any time.
      • There will be chances to add players to your Discord throughout the game.
        • Once a player has been added to your Discord, they’re there until one of you is eliminated. They can't be replaced without winning the ability to add another player, so choose wisely.
      • Players in Purgatory can't be in any Discords.
      • Discords may not be “combined” and you may not communicate with anyone who isn’t in your Discord, even if they’re in a Discord with a player you are in a Discord with.

Other Notes
Redemption Token - A player removed from the game can use this Token to come back into the game. 
Purgatory Token - A player in Purgatory can use this Token to re-enter the game with no record of having ever been in Purgatory. This may only be used while in Purgatory.
Competition Token - A player may use this Token to place 1st in any Survival Competition. They won’t get any rewards for their 1st place, that will still go to the legitimate winner, but they will avoid any Survival Eliminations that cycle. Competition Tokens MUST be used during Competitions 1-8. After that all Competition Tokens will be invalid. 

Tokens may be exchanged between players. PM me to send a token to another player.


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Engaging in any of these Physical Fitness Evaluations (PFEs) listed below is considered a sign-up for the competition. The only way to officially sign up is to begin your PFEs, although an informal signup will get you a link to your private Discord that you may share with any one player. Please read all the rules before signing up. 

Physical Fitness Evaluations

To kick things off we’re gonna need to get a baseline on everyone’s conditioning with a series of three Physical Fitness Evaluations. You cannot “lose” a Fitness Evaluation, they’re just to get a baseline on everyone’s physical health. Your PFE’s do not need to be done in order.

Rules: You may not strategize with any other player while doing the PFEs, however private communication about general game alliances is OK.



The first PFE is an Endurance Test. 

To begin, post “Starting Endurance Test” in this thread. After your starting post you must make one post in this thread in every hour window for as long as you can.

Your “Starting Endurance Test” post counts as your first post and meets the posting requirement for whichever hour window (see below) it occurs in. All times will be based on the timestamps of your posts. 

“Starting Endurance Test” post at 3:22pm EST - 3pm hour counted
Another post at 4:57pm - 4pm hour counted
Another post at 5:03pm - 5pm hour counted
Another post at 6:55pm - 6pm hour counted

You may participate in the Endurance Test any time between now and the end of the Mental Health and Immune System Evaluations that we'll be starting when sign ups close, just save yourself enough time to complete a score you’re happy with.

** On Monday this rule was modified to a TBD deadline, on Wednesday the Saturday deadline was announced**

After you finish your Endurance Test you must tag me with your total number of laps you completed in order for your score to be recorded. Whichever player runs the most laps wins, tie breaker will be awarded to the player who started their first lap the earliest.

1st place will receive 1 Redemption Token and 2 additional players of their choosing added to their Discord
2nd place will receive 1 Purgatory Token, 1 Competition Token  and 2 additional players of their choosing added to their Discord.



The second PFE is a Strength Test. 
The rules are simple. PM me the number of bricks you intend to stack and lift, anywhere from 1 to 50.
The player that attempts to lift the most bricks will topple their stack and be disqualified. All players lifting this amount will meet the same fate.
The player that lifts the second most bricks will be awarded 1st place.
The player that lifts the third most bricks will be awarded 2nd place.
If two players are in a tie for 1st or 2nd place they will automatically drop 1-5 bricks (randomly) until there is no longer a tie.

The 1st place player will receive 2 Competition Tokens and 2 additional players of their choosing added to their Discord.
The 2nd  place player will receive 1 Competition Token and 1 player of their choosing added to their Discord.



The third PFE is an Agility Test. 
Each player will load the 50 bricks into a backpack and jump from platform to platform.
Before each jump a player must dump bricks from their backpack.
The player with the most bricks in their backpack will be eliminated from each platform.
If multiple players are tied for the most amount of bricks on the platform they will all be eliminated. If this happens with 4 or fewer players remaining and results in no clear winner for 1st and 2nd, no players will be eliminated and all will advance to the next platform. If a player runs out of bricks they are eliminated. Players must dump at least one brick per jump until they are out.

PM me your first 15 dump and jumps starting with “I’ll dump x before jumping to the 1st platform, I’ll dump x before jumping to the 2nd platform, etc etc” 

Results will be posted after Mental Health and Immune System Evaluations are underway.

The last player standing will win 1st place and will be awarded 1 Competition Token and 1 player of their choosing added to their Discord.
The second to last player standing will win 2nd place and be awarded 1 additional player of their choosing added to their Discord.

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