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The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS


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We have a new competitor. Everyone make Matts feel right at home.


Mental Health Evaluations

Three players have completed their MHEs and several players are well on their way to being done. Keep up the good work.


Physical Fitness Evaluations

The Endurance Evaluations will end at 9pm on Saturday.

Strength and Agility Evaluations are due by 9pm EST on Saturday.


Private Communication

Private Communication (other than your personal discord) will be prohibited starting 9am EST on Sunday.


The Immune System Evaluations

The Immune System Evaluations will happen in thread beginning Sunday at 9am EST.  Unlike the Physical and Mental Evaluations, these evaluations will be a group setting, where strategizing and teamwork may play a vital role.





Player List

  1. @Malfatron
  2. @Whicker
  3. @Daboyle
  4. @bcb1213
  5. @Tk3
  6. @SwAg
  7. @The Orca
  8. @Pickle Rick
  9. @gopherwrestler
  10. @JoshstraDaymus
  11. @Nazgul
  12. @Matts4313
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