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The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS


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4 hours ago, Dome said:

ET80 is a hunting legend, known for bringing down a bald eagle with a precisely thrown Johnnie Walker bottle. He will be your guide for this Competition. He knows the game animals in this area well and has learned their predetermined routines...  but he's also a known prankster

I only drink Lysol now...

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1 hour ago, gopherwrestler said:

What do I need to do

Everything you need is in the first 3 lines of the OP. I would read them before this evening.

We have two very easy tasks this week, you’ll spend maybe 15 minutes on them total.

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Everyone but @SwAg and @Nazgul have finished their Mental Health Evaluations.




I've received about half of the Immune System Evaluations already. Thanks to those of you who submitted theirs quickly. To the rest of you:






Hunting opens at 9am! Good luck in the killing fields, gentlemen.




  1. @Malfatron
  2. @Whicker
  3. @Daboyle
  4. @bcb1213
  5. @Tk3
  6. @SwAg
  7. @The Orca
  8. @Pickle Rick
  9. @gopherwrestler
  10. @JoshstraDaymus
  11. @Nazgul
  12. @Matts4313


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5 hours ago, Dome said:

Hunting opens at 9am!

Sure that's 9? Or maybe 10? Maybe 10:30? 

The hookers don't usually leave until 8am, then my morning constitutionals take about... 30 minutes? Then we got about a 20 minute drive, then a quick meet with the game warden (depending on when HER hookers leave) then I'm set up by 9ish...no later than 9:05 (depending on the hookers).

But, that's just how I do it. Me. The greatest hunter to live.

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1 minute ago, Dome said:

At 9:08am the Game Warden came to check our licenses.

@Malfatron took a shot at the game warden! 😑

Malf is done for the day, his gun has been confiscated.

@ET80 looks like the game warden got her "paid help" out of the house early this morning.

Poor malf was trigger happy and I partially blame you.

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