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The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS


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Big ups for taking out that bear, @Matts4313 and @Malfatron!

Legend had it that was the butt bear - John Candy nearly killed it in 1986, but he just ended up exposing its buttocks.


I'd personally ignore the rabbit. It's a peyote dream, might not be best to kill an animal while I'm on a spirit journey. I might be compelled to kill you back - or at least set up a trap.

Nobody wants that... right?

Its A Trap GIF

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Subtle reminder to you all: Killing baby deer is no bueno. You kill Bambi's parents... not Bambi!

classic disney deer GIF by Disney

I know these girls usually frolic around noon, for an hour or so. Might be a good time to grab lunch, get some acid for that wicked Buffalo herd.

Or was it 1-2? Maybe it was 11-12? Iono, the peyote is wearing off.

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