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Week 11 GDT - Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Francisco 49ers

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34 minutes ago, Forge said:

It's funny you posted this right after I referenced my post for the Mac / Jimmy post. Here is what I had (some of this may be different as I Don' t know what was adjusted and not adjusted for Jax)

Player A - 

  • EPA / play - 6th
  • Success rate - 14th (49.3%)
  • DVOA - 5th
  • DYAR - 9th
  • 15 total TDs, 4.7% TD rate 
  • Y/A - 8.3, ANY / A - 7.93
  • ADot - 7.4 (23rd), ADoC - 6.6 (9th)
  • INT Rate - 1.97%
  • QBR - 11th (57.1)
  • CPOE - 21st


Player B -

  • EPA / play - 16th
  • Success Rate - 11th (50.0%)
  • DVOA - 19th
  • DYAR - 19th 
  • 14 total TDs, 4.0% TD Rate
  • Y/A - 7.3, ANY / A - 6.14
  • ADoT - 7.6, ADoC - 5.3 (30th)
  • INT Rate - 2.3%
  • QBR - 18th (51.1)
  • CPOE - 7th

Jimmy is now #2 on EPA/play so I think you may have pulled those stats before the last game and Jimmy is now 7th in QBR.

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The team has flaws obviously, especially with all the injuries...But it is no doubt loaded with talent and that's why performances vs the Cardinals the second time around make no sense at all. 

Time to go on a big run and make the playoffs! 

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Just now, 49erurtaza said:

Maybe we see banks at LG before RG. 

He actually played 5 snaps against the Jags lol

That said...Tomlinson is a machine. I won't believe he misses this game until he's actually inactive lol 

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9 hours ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Jimmie Ward in his last four games with 51 snaps in the slot has allowed 4 catches on 9 targets for 11 yards with two INTs. L-O-L, I don't think people fully realize just how special this man is in coverage. That's not even bringing up how he erases big plays from the single high spot. Complete game changer for this defense.

@49erscap @Forge I know his contract was reworked in September, but is there any chance we give him some sort of an extension this offseason? 

Yes we redid his deal, they could extend Ward, save some money too.

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