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Week 11 General Discussion Thread


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Joe Flacco starting for the Jets vs Miami.

Chiefs play the Cowboys in what could be a barnburner - first time Mahomes is facing Dallas in his career. 

Kyler Murray could return to duel with Russ in Seattle. 

Colts go to Buffalo for a playoff rematch. 

Cam goes up against Rivera. 

Which games are you most looking forward to this week? 

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I'm not sure the Philly - New Orleans winner is going to the playoffs but the loser is in serious trouble.


Also, what will we see with Tampa vs New York since the Giants are often scrappy in these kind of games and Tampa as been a bit of a mess.

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19 minutes ago, HolmesPriest said:

Chiefs vs Cowboys. Will hope to see the Chiefs build upon and continue with what they did against the Raiders. 😊

This really is the game of the week.  Both teams are coming off impressive wins.  I think both teams have to approach this game with the mentality that scoring 50 might not be enough to win.  Most people don’t realize this but the Cowboys are playing without their entire starting DL and KC has a solid OL.  I don’t know if that’s something the cowboys can overcome unless they really get a few takeaways.  Conversely, I think Dallas has the best offensive weapons in the nfl and the chiefs will struggle to cover everyone.  

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