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Rank the teams based on the likelihood you'd be a fan if your favorite team ceased to exist


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Dallas - I've said this before, but I have always had a soft spot for Dallas because I see them as NE's cousins and my closest friend and his family are Dallas fans. 

Tampa - Hometown team.

Green Bay












New Orleans


Kansas City

New York Giants

San Francisco


Detroit - I don't hold any ill will towards Detroit. To me they are the Lovable Losers. However, it's really hard to get motivated forna team that's historically this bad.


Washington - Besides my utter disdain for DC itself, Dan Snyder is a major embarrassment.


LA Rams

LA Chargers


Indianapolis - Our sworn enemies during the Peyton era and are snitches. No thank you.

Las Vegas - NE has a very negative history with the Raiders: Daryl Stingley fiasco, RTP on Ray Hamilton that cost us in 1976 and the Tuck Rule game.


New York Jets - I don't care how bad they are, I'd rather have my testicles chopped off with a rusty dull saw than root for NYJ.

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I'd probably just follow players more than actual teams. It's possible that by following players I'd accidentally become a fan of a team though

But Lamar, Saquon, DK Metcalf, Justin Herbert, Burrow/Chase are likely the groups/teams that I would be most likely to follow

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I'd probably just be a casual fan tbh.  I couldn't imagine myself rooting for another team as hard as I root for the Panthers, if they weren't in my home state.  Not that there's anything wrong with having your favorite team in another state (especially if you live somewhere that doesn't have a team), but I don't know.  That is the main reason I became a Panthers fan.  Only reason I don't root for the Hornets harder than I do is because I didn't really get into the NBA until I was older. 

But if I had to guess, I'm sure I'd be a Cowboys fan.  My mom loves them.  I also really like the Titans, Ravens, Vikings, and Rams.  So that'd be my top five. 


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I always liked the Dolphins when I was younger because Marino, but I definitely haven't cared about them since. My Dad was a Rams fan growing up. But I honestly don't know if I could do it. I mean look, I am a WFT fan. If I haven't been driven away already I dunno what would. 

The closest example I have is baseball before it went back to DC. I kinda liked the Orioles but not overly. I liked the Mariners for Griffey. I was a huge Vlad fan.

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After the Browns moved, I started following the Bills because I've always been a closet Bills fan (Great Lakes) and the Tennessee Titans because I'm a diehard OSU fan and loved Eddie George. The Music City Miracle was a very confusing time for me because of this, and I think I'm to blame here, follow me:

The Bills lost in crushing fashion.

The Titans lost the Super Bowl by a yard.

It's all my fault.

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