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BDL 2021 Week 11 - Cancun Kaiju @ Camden Hood Rats


Cancun Kaiju @ Camden Hood Rats  

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BDL 2021 Week 11

Match:  Cancun Kaiju @ Camden Hood Rats

Away Owner:      @Blue @MWil23

Home Owner:     @Jlash

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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QB Patrick Mahomes

RB Rhamondre Stevenson

FB Kyle Juszczyk

WR Courtland Sutton

WR Elijah Moore

TE Dalton Schultz

LT Sam Cosmi

LG Calvin Throckmorton

C Rodney Hudson

RG Halapoulivaati Vaitai

RT Brian O’Neill


RB2 Alexander Mattison

RB3 Carlos Hyde

TE2 Austin Hooper

TE3 Josiah Deguara

WR3 Jakobi Meyers

WR4 Sterling Shepard

WR5 Josh Reynolds

OL6 Alex Leatherwood


DE Robert Quinn

DT Akiem Hicks

DT Larry Ogunjobi

DE Gregory Rousseau

LB Pete Werner

LB Ernest Jones

LB David Long

CB Tre’Davious White

CB Michael Davis

FS Quandre Diggs

SS Kevin Byard


DE3 Preston Smith

DE4 Derek Barnett

DT3 Malik Jackson

LB4 Elandon Roberts

LB5 Jarrad Davis

CB3 Eli Apple

S3 Jordan Fuller

S4 Jalen Thompson




QB- Justin Fields
RB- Austin Ekeler
WR- Mike Evans
WR- AJ Brown
WR- Cooper Kupp
TE- Zach Ertz
LT- Isaiah Wynn
LG- Cody Whitehair
C- JC Tretter
RG- Kevin Zeitler
RT- Orlando Brown Jr
RB- Damien Harris
WR- Tyler Boyd
WR- Nico Collins
TE- Harrison Bryant
OL- George Fant
OL- Tyre Phillips
OL- Ben Cleveland
QB- Matt Ryan

DE- Josh Allen
DT- DJ Reader
DT- Poona Ford
DE- Yannick Ngakoue
LB- Darius Leonard
LB- Drue Tranquill
CB- Denzel Ward
CB- Asante Samuel Jr
CB- L'Jarius Sneed
S- Justin Simmons
S- Justin Reid
CB- CJ Henderson
CB- Greedy Williams
S- Amani Hooker
S- Eric Rowe
DE- Carl Granderson
DE- Ryan Kerrigan
DL- Osa Odighizuwa
DL- Maliek Collins

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This is a tough defense facing us this week, so our primary plan is to run a hurry up offense focused around outside runs and quick hitting slants to wear down the defense early on and bully the edges of the defense, which we feel are much less stout than the interior. We are especially aiming for the Ngakoue/Tranquill side of the line, planning to take advantage of the lighter players there. Camden doesn’t have much depth at edge or linebacker, so we feel that having two plus blockers in Schultz and Juszczyk will give us a big advantage there. Furthermore, with Camden’s strength at defensive back, this will force them to either put a lesser player on the field in a base defensive scheme or give us a lighter front to run on.

Rhamondre Stevenson is picking up the bulk of the carries for us, with Mattison mixing in as a change of pace back and Carlos Hyde picks up some short-yardage snaps. We want to use Stevenson and Mattison in the passing game to help spread out the defense even more, with a few early screen passes to get the ball to them and slow down the rush.

In the passing game, we’ll give a little help to Cosmi on the left side, but he’s been pretty good in pass pro since a couple rough performances at the start of the year, so help will be mostly limited to chips from the tight end or fullback. Slants will be our bread and butter early on to move the ball quickly and in rhythm, but as the game goes on we’ll throw in some more 3 WR sets taking the fullback off the field or motioning a back into the slot to give the defense different looks and potentially take advantage of the safeties creeping up to the line of scrimmage to help against the run.



This week's opponent provides us with a unique challenge, and we anticipate them to come in and try to spread us out with a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets, while using Ekeler and other RB's in the passing game. As a result, we will continue to stay in a lot of Big Nickel packages, and some occasional dime depending upon personnel. We believe that Ryan will struggle under pressure as he has for much of his career as of late, and particularly this season. We anticipate that they'll try to establish the running game and use a lot of play-action concepts, and some quick and screen game. Cooper Kupp in the slot will undoubtedly provide us with a unique challenge, and that leaves us little choice but to key on him in the seam and intermediate game, allocating our APEX/Nickel defender underneath, while capping him with a safety. We believe that White will be able to lockdown and neutralize Evans's size advantage on the outside with White's length, athleticism, and physicality.

From a run fit standpoint, the safety and Apex players will set the edge opposite the field side defensive end, who will set the edge on the other side. This will make life miserable for Camden running the ball on the edge, and we will have gap integrity with our interior DT and a plug MIKE linebacker inside.


To neutralize the intermediate passing game, as we don't believe that Matt Ryan has the arm strength to throw the ball vertically down the seam over the top of our Apex/Nickel defender underneath into tight windows anymore, we will be playing a lot of Cover 2, Man, and match concepts.

Given their advantage in the slot, we like a lot of Tampa 2 concepts this week:


We also like the press man and Cover 3 variation options on the outside, especially with our $ or * or Nickel defender:


From a pressure standpoint, we love the looks we will get out of Match (base) combined with Match from a zone blitz standpoint, especially with Skate backside (See last week's gameplan for match and skate):







This week we take on the upset minded, mean meme equipped, sass mouth bastards from Cancun in an important matchup for us. After Thursday night the goons decided to take to the league board to try to and sway the masses with a massive campaign against our good friend Matt Ryan who despite his best efforts with a bad team was beaten mercilessly by the Pats. We have two things working for us today 1. Cancun isn't bringing the Pats D, despite their efforts 2. We don't have to stand there and take it, like Ryan did.

RPO heavy to test discipline- This week with Fields under center we want to use his experience in the RPO and 4.4 wheels to disrupt what Cancun wants to do. We know even an immobile QB can successfully run an RPO attack (Hello SB QB Nick Foles) but when a QB has the ability to take off and run it forces the defense to really slow down their aggression and pause what would normally be a play based on instinct.
     - In the run game: With Cancun missing their best run defender in Hicks, we think Ekeler and Harris can do some damage on the interior, especially when other defenders are waiting for a key to attack. We especially want to test the discipline of rookie Rousseau, as we feel he's going to be eager to make some plays in the run game. If he starts crashing hard, expect Fields to start to pull it and attack to his side, whether taking off and running himself or rolling out right past him.
     - In the passing game: Even after sustaining a rash of injuries in recent weeks we respect Cancuns secondary. We feel like any hesitation we can give them today is going to help us move the ball though. Knowing we can clear out the outside defender by running our WR's outside the hashes, we think we can run some clear outs to Kupp/Brown/Evans or whoever we decide to line up on the inside. Incorporated into these RPO's will be some rollouts as previously mentioned, and we think this can lead to some easy throws in the flats for Fields. We won't shy away from any Cancun CB's, because we feel our starting trio can win 1 on 1 matchups on most occasions on Sundays. If we can successfully work some running plays, we think we can hit a deep shot or two to Evans during the game.

Safety valves- With any young QB it's important to keep some safety valves open so that's where Ekeler and Ertz will come into play mostly today. Ekeler will be available sneaking out of the backfield into the flats and Ertz will be important on those roll outs we mentioned. We think with so much attention being paid to our bigger weapons that these guys can be deflating (no valve pun intended) to a defense working to take down more important players. If they want to be blitz heavy against us, these safety valves along with Fields ability to improvise with his legs are going to be important in negating that.

Defense (Cover 1 robber base)
Cancun comes in with an offense that should revolve around Pat Mahomes making plays. He's always been a risk taker, but this year it has seemed to catch up to him more often in years past and that's what we aim to do today.

Robber- This is our favorite shell, for good reason. No doubt Cancun has seen it, I'm sure they'll prep for it but it still still gives us our best shot to be the majority of our shell today. Like normal, we'll interchange our two safeties to who plays robber and that guy can fill a number of roles. If Cancun wants to go TE heavy/Run heavy, that gives us an extra man in the box to combat both scenarios. That player can also jump into shallow zones to interrupt quick passing, but more importantly that player can be used in blitz schemes. From our base two high look we can always stay in standard cover 2, or even tampa 2. 

Attacking Mahomes- Sitting back and waiting for Mahomes to win is a recipe for disaster because most times he'll do just that, win. So today we want to be highly aggressive in attacking Mahomes. We know our edge rushers have a clear advantage today with Bahktiari out again, but we won't rest on that. We'll incorporate LB and safety blitzes and even blitzes from the slot. Both our ends are athletic enough to drop out into quick zones from time to time while either our LB's or our Robber attacks Mahomes so he can't always just take an easy hot read on every blitz. In multiple TE sets, our nickel CB will come off for a safety since either Hooker or Rowe are good cover guys in that role, and we can blitz those guys just as easily from an interior secondary spot. 

Heavy sets- Cancun has the personnel to run heavy sets with multiple TE's, and we'll combat that if they do with a more hybrid look by replacing excess CB's with safeties who can run with TE's while playing closer to the LOS. If they feel feeding Rhamondre is the key to beating us, go for it. The less Mahomes has the ball in his hands with a field spread, the better for us. Our run personnel is stout enough to not have to get tricky.

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2 hours ago, Blue said:

Elandon Roberts in for David Long, Malik Jackson in for Akiem Hicks.

Presumably also Matt Ryan taking over for Justin Fields at halftime when it becomes obvious Fields is somehow even worse garbo.

For reference Russ is currently 6/11 for 94 yards in the first half while Fields got knocked out of the game at 5/11 for 79 yards in the first half.  Dak is 10/17 for 54 yards in the first half.






*if he didn't get hurt.

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1 hour ago, Jlash said:

For reference Russ is currently 6/11 for 94 yards in the first half while Fields got knocked out of the game at 5/11 for 79 yards in the first half.  Dak is 10/17 for 54 yards in the first half.






*if he didn't get hurt.

anythig is possible instead

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Man, I feel Camden is better everywhere over the field except at QB and maybe in the secondary (although Cancun's a bit thin there too). It's just the gap at QB is about as big as you can get in the BDL. 

PR rightly pointed out attacking Mahomes is an issue normally because he'll get you with the deep ball or find some quick checkdown, but I do think it's a bit different where he's not able to get the ball to Hill or Kelce. I still personally wouldn't do it, but don't find it a huge issue either. Plus Camden's safeties are good enough not to get burned downfield.

Cancun were on point with their defensive gameplan but I guess Camden coming out with Fields neutralised it a bit. But Fields was bad before going out with injury this week too. It's tough to struggle with such a stacked offensive skill group that has basically everything you want out of a group, but if there was a starting QB in the BDL this week that would - it would most likely be Fields (Lock excluded). Very difficult game to pick. 

Ended up going Camden. It was basically a coinflip but being at home + having playoffs on the line gave them the edge for me. Flip the script and I probably go with Cancun. 

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11 hours ago, WFLukic said:

Man, I feel Camden is better everywhere over the field except at QB and maybe in the secondary (although Cancun's a bit thin there too).

I don't know how you could make such an outrageous claim, I don't see Camden even listing a fullback

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