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BDL 2021 Week 11 - Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts


Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts  

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BDL 2021 Week 11

Match:  Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Away Owner:       @RuskieTitan

Home Owner:     @Pickle Rick

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Ivory Coast

QB- Ryan Tannehill
RB- Nick Chubb
WR- Terry McLaurin
WR- Chase Claypool
WR- Robby Anderson
TE- Noah Fant
LT- Trent Williams
LG- Damien Lewis
C- Jason Kelce
RG- Zack Martin
RT- Andrew Whitworth


RB- Ezekiel Elliott
RB- Jeremy McNichols
WR- A.J. Green
WR- Chester Rogers
WR- Amon-Ra St. Brown
TE- Evan Engram
OL- Josh Jones
OL- Quinn Meinerz


DE- Darrell Taylor
NT- Christian Barmore
DT- Da'Ron Payne
DE- Myles Garrett
WLB- Lavonte David
MLB- Devin White
SCB- Trevon Diggs
CB- A.J. Terrell
CB- Greg Newsome II
S- Jimmie Ward
S- Devin McCourty


DE- Darrell Taylor
DE- Charles Omenihu
DT- Teair Tart
DT- Milton Williams
LB- Patrick Queen
CB- Bradley Roby
CB- Darnay Holmes
S- Jordan Whitehead





Week 11 Roster 

Offensive Starters:
🏈 - Tua Tagovailoa 
RB1 - Saquon Barkley
WR1 - Stefon Diggs 
WR2 - Chris Godwin
WR3 - Ceedee Lamb
TE1 - Cole Kmet
LT - Rashawn Slater
LG - Tytus Howard
🗿 - Ryan Kelly
RG - Trey Smith 
RT - Christian Darrisaw 

Offensive Bench:
WR4 - Van Jefferson
WR5 - Tre'quan Smith 
RB2 - Mark Ingram
RB3 - RoJo
T3 - Brandon Shell
T4 - Jesse Davis
G3/C2 - Tyler Biadasz


Defensive Starters:
LDE - Josh Sweat
DT1 - DeForest Buckner
DT2 - Ndamukong Suh 
RDE - Frank Clark
LB1 (SLB) - Harold Landry
LB3 (WLB) - Roquan Smith
CB1 - Marshon Lattimore 
CB2 - Joe Haden 
CB3 (Slot) - Steven Nelson
FS - Anthony Harris 
SS - Nasir Adderley 

Defensive Bench:
DB - Rashad Fenton
DB - Robert Alford 
DB - Charvarius Ward 
DE3 - Jerry Hughes
DT3 - Jordan Elliot
DT4/DE4 - Tedarrel Slaton
LB3/DB - Hamsah Nasirildeen 

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Ivory Coast

Motivation: Beat Antarctica.

We will come out in a balance of 11 personnel, but employing Fant as if we’re operating out of 10 personnel for the majority of the time in that formation (TE split off the line), with about 25% having the TE line up in-line as a traditional TE. We’ll also be leveraging some traditional 10 personnel when Fant is off the field, focusing on keeping Antarctica spread out as much as possible. We’re going to spread out Antarctica, and expose their lack of depth at the corner position. Zeke Elliott, Evan Engram, and Jeremy McNichols will also be moved into the slot (off the line) as part of the rotation to keep Antarctica’s defense spread. For the running game, we trust our offensive line to win against a spread defense, if Antarctica starts loading the box Tannehill will leverage play actions to take advantage, or move into shotgun and hit quick passes, such as slants. We’re going to run a lot of trips formations, with Noah Fant being featured frequently at the TE position on the same side (aka Trips with 3 WRs as well as 2 WR 1 TE). We’ll leverage motion pre-snap to help determine zone or man, and with trips we’re going to flood one side of the field against zones, forcing defenders to choose whether to cover the shorter route or the medium / deeper ones. If they try to counter with man, we’ll just use our receivers speed and employ deep shots paired with rub routes to wear out the secondary and take advantage of fatigue. In short yardage we’ll leverage Josh Jones as a 6th offensive lineman. We’ll also use a few 12 personnel, usually shifting either Engram or Fant to see if we can get a mismatch.


RIP Chase Young and Khalil Mack. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we dedicate this game to them, and have the defense come out energized at an unprecedented level, which will mean they will dominate the Antarctica offense. Darrell Taylor steps up into the starting role, and Charles Omenihu will be leveraged at edge as part of the rotation. Against a 3 wide set (per their week 10 alignment), we will employ a 4-2-5 formation. When there are 2 or fewer receivers, we’re going with a 4-3 alignment, taking out Newsome and bringing in Queen in the middle. 4 receiver sets, we’ll take David out and bring in Bradley Roby. David will have responsibility for the primary TE; Dime sets this will be either Roby or one of the safeties when in man. We’re going to mix up our coverages with zone and man, no specific assignments so as to not tip our hand to the coverage. In zone, we’ll leverage some DB blitzes, both from the slot as well as from the safeties (1 man blitz max). We’ll leverage cover 2 and cover 3 schemes for zones, relying on having our corners closer to the line to prevent quick routes and trusting our line to pressure before anything deep develops. During man coverage we’re going to include cover 1 as well when we want to blitz Jackson. We’re going to use Devin White to spy on Tua; if Tua tries to scramble from the blitz White will run him down, if Tua is getting pressured White will close and make the tackle / sack. Outside of the blitzes we will rely on the front four to pass rush, with the edges maintaining the edges and relying on the interior to collapse the pocket. And finally: https://www.nfl.com/videos/myles-garrett-plows-past-rashawn-slater-for-sack





Week 11 Gameplan




Offensive Formations: Our dominant formation this week will be 3WR/1TE/1RB (34%) 4 WR/1RB (33%), 2WR/1TE/2RB (33%)

Tempo: Playing a traditional tempo with lots of motion before the snap to help Tua see formations and reads. 

Designed Playcall Distribution: 50% pass, 50% run 

Running: Barkley and Ingram will power our running game this week.   We want Barkley to push the edges on outside runs to use his athleticism and speed to break to the second and third levels.  We will also use zone blocking schemes to help give Barkley some cutback lanes that can be to his advantage and skill level..  Ingram will take the counters, traps and power runs.  In our 2 back sets we want to use the power game to the strong side with the TE.   Our beef up front and extra blockers should open up lanes to the second level and beyond.  Smash mouth football is coming back to Antarctica.  In the second half is where we will start bringing out the RPO, options and QB sweeps.   

Passing: Kmet is gonna be a big part of our game plan this week.  We want to give easy passes early and often for Tua.  We want to do this by getting the ball into our playmakers hands with space to run via slants, crosses, check downs etc.  Once we establish these, the middle of the field should open up for Kmet and the RB's.  To keep the D honest and not jumping those routes we will use a number of back shoulder throws and go routes on the outside.  Playaction will also get the middle of the field open for Kmet and company.  

First series of the game:  Pass, run, pass, run, playaction.  We want to set the tone early that we will be unpredictable with our play calling.

Defense Base Formation: 4-2-5 (Cover 3 Zone)


Passing Defense: we want to take away the deep ball by playing our 4-2-5 Cover 3 Zone.  We want to play tight between the hashes, leaving only the outside flats open.  This will clog the middle and take away the TE and any crosses, slants, or posts coming into the middle.  This will also play into our running defense as well.  We will play almost exclusively zone coverages but mix them up throughout the game.  As for pressure, we will be coming at Tannehill with multiple exotic stunts, twists, and delayed moves to keep their o-line off balanced.  We will be focusing a lot on the edges.  We feel that is their weak point and want to break it by attacking it throughout the game. 

Run defense: We will be bringing Adderly down into the box a lot to beef up the numbers.  Our D-line stunts and twists should keep IC's O-line from getting to the second level often and squash the run game up the middle.  Having an extra DB will also provide us more speed to help against the outside runs.  


e olokaa na manawa maikai

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27 minutes ago, Blue said:

I actually really like what Antarctica planned for this week, especially on offense. I think this is more of an ugly slugfest than high-scoring game, and I think the ball control strategy works out for them.

Ah the obligatory try to keep in position to draft Kyle Hamilton vote...

@MWil23 more memes 

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Pretty cool how Antarctica managed to turn a garbo OL into one of the steadier ones in the league in the space of an offseason. Credit for that one twins.

I don't really know what to make of Tua at this stage - is he good or is he not? No idea. Did pretty well this past week though and has the weapons to roll with in this game. 

Despite the injuries to Mack and Young, I still like Ivory Coast's D. It's a good unit from top to bottom even if it loses that really fear factor. I think they make life tougher for Tua than he had it IRL, but Antarctica still moves the ball well.

Tannehill hasn't been too impressive for some time now, though IC's receivers do trump what he has to work with in IC at the moment. Chubb is also a beast and I think there's success to be had on the ground.

Ultimately going to go with most others here and the Antarctica upset. Ivory Coast has secured the division and a top 3 seed - they have little to play for at this stage. Antarctica don't either but being at home and putting forth some effort is enough to get a team with hungry youngsters and some proud vets the win.

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