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BDL 2021 Week 11 - Hungary Hippos @ Seoul Dragons

Hungary Hippos @ Seoul Dragons  

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BDL 2021 Week 11

Match:  Hungary Hippos @ Seoul Dragons

Away Owner:      @PR

Home Owner:    @RedGold

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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QB - Dak Prescott

RB - Joe Mixon

WR - DK Metcalf

WR - Adam Thielen

WR - Tyler Lockett

TE - TJ Hockenson

LT - Charles Leno

LG - Ali Marpet

C - Austin Reiter

RG - Connor McGovern

RT - Eric Fisher


RB - James Robinson

RB - JaMycal Hasty

WR - Darius Slayton

WR - Marquise Goodwin

TE - Jonnu Smith

TE- Ian Thomas

OL - Andre Dillard

OL - John Simpson


DE - Emmanuel Ogbah

DT - Jonathan Allen

DT - Shelby Harris

DE - Everson Griffen

LB - Deion Jones

LB - Shaq Thompson

CB - Casey Hayward

FS - Harrison Smith

SS - Chuck Clark

NCB - AJ Bouye

CB - Tre Brown


DE - Charles Harris

DE - Terrell Lewis

DT - Armon Watts

DT - Solomon Thomas

LB - Denzel Perryman

LB - Logan Wilson

CB - AJ Parker

CB - Emmanuel Moseley





QB:  Russell Wilson 
RB:  Javante Williams
X:  Sammy Watkins
Z:  Rashod Bateman
LT:  Taylor Lewan
LG:  Alijah Vera-Tucker
😄   Andre James
RG:  Riley Reiff
RT:   Trenton Brown
TE:  Travis Kelce
Y:  Brandin Cooks  

RB:  Antonio Gibson
WR:  Emmanuel Sanders
WR:  Mecole Hardman
WR:  Russell Gage
TE:  Pat Freiermuth
OT:  Spencer Brown
OL:  Gabe Jackson  
OL:  Rodger Saffold


Defense:   4-2-5
Edge:  Leonard Floyd
DL:  Foley Fatukasi
DL:  Dexter Lawrence
Edge:  Matt Judon
LB:  Isaiah Simmons  
LB:  Joe Schobert   
CB:  Chidobe Awuzie
CB:  Cameron Sutton
NB:  Taron Johnson
FS:  Marcus Williams
SS:   Kyle Dugger   


Edge: John Franklin-Myers
Edge:  Joe Tryon
Edge:  Payton Turner
DT:  Jarran Reed
LB:   Krys Barnes
CB4:  Nate Hobbs
CB5:  Paulson Adebo
S:  Julian Love

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3WR - 60% - Out of this set we will be spreading out the ball to our litany of receiving threats. We will be utilizing Mixon and Hockenson a lot in the passing game this week. They will be utilized mainly in the mid to shallow areas of the field. We will look for single coverage WRs for most of the game. Additionally, we will be running some deep patterns and letting the receivers out run the secondary. This will help set up the running game with the playaction.

Out of this formation we will also be fairly balanced in the running game. Mixon and Robinson will share the load in the backfield. From time to time we will flex out Hockenson to spread out Seoul's defense and open more running lanes. 

4WR - 20% - Slayton comes on and we start testing Seoul’s depth at CB with Someone will have single coverage and this will be taken care of. Dak will be playing out of the shotgun to give him more time to find his receiver. The RB will be utilized in screens and dumpoffs in this formation. Looks for Floods and trips to one side of the field as well during this formation to cause confusion in the secondary. 

2 TE - 20% - We will look for single coverage on a linebacker. We will also be using Robinson as an additional target. One of these three will get open. Near the goal line we will deploy this look more often. The 2TE look will also help us with some power running especially off the edge where Seoul is weak against the run.




Hayward - Cooks

Brown - 2WR

Bouye - Kelce

Parker - 3WR

Oruwariye - 4WR

Last week Russell Wilson looked like death rolled over. We still plan to respect his to presence as if he is healthy, but we are aware of his accuracy and look to take advantage if his finger ailments continue.

When facing Seoul, their main x-factor is their deep passing game. This week to combat it we will be utilizing a base front of a Cover-2 Shell. The C2S deploys both safeties deep and takes away the longball. It forces the opposing offense to be patient and look for the underneath routes. This opens up the pass rush with the front four now featuring Shelby Harris.

Kelce is one of the most prolific TEs in the NFL, but most recently has found his kryptonite - the NB. AJ Bouye will be jamming Kelce at the line to disrupt Wilsons timing with his TE underneath. This is what the Giants did against him a few weeks back and held him with his lowest output of the season.

Hayward will be jamming Cooks at the line to force an inside release.

Jones and Thompson will drop back into the middle of the field in the Cover 2 to take the middle of the field away. Thompson will take the seam route in case Pat tries to go vertical . Jones will be used to spy Wilson. They both have the freak athleticism to play the zone and rush up against Seoul's running game in Gibson (who has yet to break 90 yards all season).

We will keep our dline fresh with Lewis/Harris and Watts/Jones coming in to spell defenders.





Offensive Strategy

Formations:  3WR (40%), 4WR (40%), 5WR(20%) 

Scheme:  Pass(70%),  Run(30%)
Tempo:  Normal Tempo

Overall Gameplan

Spread out Hungary,  Give Wilson options on all levels.  Attack inside running lanes. 


We’re coming out with spread formations this game and want to attack Hungary on all levels of the field.   Bateman, Watkins, and Cook will all rotate between inside and outside alignments.   Kelce will keep a 50/50 split between lining up inline and in the slot.  All four will work a full route tree and test Hungary’s linebackers and secondary all on levels.   Freiermuth will come in no 5 WR sets and we will work with Kelce and Freiermuth from tight sets.        


Javonte gets the start for Seoul this week.   While he isn’t getting the full workload with Denver, what he has done fits our gameplan this week.     Williams and Gibson will have a 60/40 split, play calling won’t need to change depending on who’s back there.   We want attack Hungary with inside zones this week and challenge the interior and LB’s to stop the run, while also covering our spread attack.




Defensive Strategy

Formation:  4-2-5(60%), 1-5-5(20%), 3-3-5(20%) 

NT: Jarran Reed
LB: Joe Tryon
LB: Payton Turner
LB: Leonard Floyd
LB: Isaiah Simmons
LB: Joe Schobert
CB:  Chidobe Awuzie
CB:  Taron Johnson
NB:  Nate Hobbs
FS: Marcus Williams
SS:  Kyle Dugger


3-3-5 Defense
LE: John Franklin-Myers
NT: Foley Fatukasi
RE:  Jarran Reed
Edge:  Matt Judon
LB: Isaiah Simmons
LB: Joe Schobert
CB: Chidobe Awuzie
CB: Taron Johnson
NB: Nate Hobbs
FS: Marcus Williams
SS:  Kyle Dugger


Overall Gameplan

Limit big plays, make Dak and Co sustain long drives.   Attack off edges with Floyd and Judon.

Formation Schemes

We’re sticking to a basic 4-2-5 for the most part this game.  Will rotate to our normal 1-5-5, and 3-3-5 in some, but not all, 3rd and Longs. 

Run Defense
Hungary has some capable backs,  and typically come out with a balanced game plan.   We still won’t put any extra emphasis on stopping the run, Fotukasi and Lawrence will plug up the gaps against Hungary’s IOL.

Pass Rush

Floyd and Judon get the start for Seoul this week.   We want to test Hungary’s ability to pass protect in this matchup with just a 4 man rush.   John Franklin-Myers will rotate inside with Fotukasi on 3rd and long.   We think we can get pressure against this OL with just a 4 man rush.

Pass Defense

Hungary’s skill positions are no joke and can blow a game wide open.  We also don’t want to keep showing the same zone coverage to Dak all day long, we will go with a 60% Zone, 40% Man split for this matchup.    Match ups listed below.     Man coverages will be strict cover 2 with focus shifted towards both Metcalf and Lockett.    Zone coverages will be primarily Cover 3, with a shift towards mixing Cover 1/Cover 2 on 3rd Down.

Matchups for man coverage; 

Chidobe Awuzie –  DK Metcalf  
Taron Johnson -  Adam Thielen
Cameron Sutton -  Tyler Lockett  
Joe Schobert -  RB
Isaiah Simmons -  TE

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Playing a dangerous game in cover 2 with a TE as good as Kelce, that seam is literally wide open all day, even if you have a CB on him at the line. But with Kelce bouncing between inside and outside I don't know if it matters all that much in the end.

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7 hours ago, Jlash said:

Playing a dangerous game in cover 2 with a TE as good as Kelce, that seam is literally wide open all day, even if you have a CB on him at the line. But with Kelce bouncing between inside and outside I don't know if it matters all that much in the end.

Buddy, in a Cover 2 Shell the linebacker covers the seam route. With a CB covering Kelce, that keeps the LB still in position to do so. Cover 2 Shell with CB coverage is literally what has been making Kelce look pedestrian this season.

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Hungary move the ball well against a Seoul D that doesn't match up very well against them, while Hungary's D does enough to slow down the Seoul offense which is a bit suspect on the OL and Wilson isn't performing well enough to cover the gap.

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7 hours ago, PR said:

Buddy, in a Cover 2 Shell the linebacker covers the seam route. With a CB covering Kelce, that keeps the LB still in position to do so. Cover 2 Shell with CB coverage is literally what has been making Kelce look pedestrian this season.

In a tampa 2, that's what the LB does.

Basic cover 2

Tampa 2

edit: I guess Thompsons role was to drop back, just didn't see that at first and read it as a standard cover 2. 

Edited by Jlash
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