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Turkey Day GDT: Raiders @ Cowboys 🦃


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Just now, NoFlyZone said:

Moronic. Straight up moronic. Probably more likely to convert on 4th and 7 than to pick up a 59 yard field goal.

This team is quickly becoming a train wreck. Somehow they need to wake up… but I don’t think they will.


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1 minute ago, Tony7188 said:

A lot of you guys were talking about a SB appearance a month ago.

I think people are being a bit dramatic either way. We are missing our WR1 and WR2 and 3/4 of our starting DL right now. good thing we started hot, gives us some room while we are hoping to get healthy.

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Just now, Tony7188 said:

Exactly. We’ve got to stop hyping this team. When the defense shows up, the offense goes silent and vice versa

Bottom line for me is even with the injuries if we are an upper echelon team we should be beating the Raiders.  What we are seeing is eerily reminiscent of The Clappers era.

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SO.....  how did it get here...  1st drive twice our CB's make bad plays going for a interception rather then the sure play and it leads to Raiders getting a TD......

MIssed extra point......

REFS decide to insert them selves into the game with a real bad call that gifts RAIDERS a TD...

Missed FG...

so.....   1 big mistake by our D. 1 bad ref call...  two missed kicks and its 17-6 them rather than 10-3....US......

So lets relax just a bit...

You do realize that if we can do what we are more then capable next time the raiders see the ball for real we can have the lead.........

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2 minutes ago, NoFlyZone said:

Are you serious? Honestly can’t tell. The odds of making that were not worth the risk. That’s how you get blown out.

Our kicker showed that the kick was well with in  his range.  That means you take the kick.     Any time you play you take the points when available.   From what we have seen in our kicker I would say he makes that kick over 50% and that the right odds for that time and score.   If that was first drive of the game I might have said different..

do not like the Wild cat on that... 

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