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Turkey Day GDT: Raiders @ Cowboys 🦃

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Just now, quiller said:

WTH..  caught our D badly.. how can you give that much room to the outside...  just hate when the D makes mistakes like that, just give them a easy first down. that really wasn't hard play decision by the QB.

If we had stopped them, the refs would’ve made up a 15 yard penalty against us anyway.

So it’s a wash.

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2 minutes ago, D82 said:

The call was awful 

Its almost the same play that we did with Pollard and Zeke a few weeks back and got it. Its a *GREAT* play call imo, gotta give the Raiders credit. 

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Just now, NoFlyZone said:

Kazee is so, sooo horrible.

he got caught in no mans land... go to QB leave his man open.  That was all on the DE crashing inside with no support on the edge.  


OH you have got to be kidding me... that should have been holding at the worse...  boy the REF's have had it out for our DB's.   I just wish we had received calls like this against us...   GRRRR....

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Well that PI on Brown means our O has to answer this with a SCORE>... 

JUST HATE HOW MUCH THE REF'S HAVE EFFECTED THE GAME TODAY..   that maybe could have been a hold. but PI... just terrible......  and yes WE've received 1 terrible ccall in our favor though it was only for like 5 yards and the ref's followed it up with on the very next play calling a real questionable game changing call on us after a huge pollard run.

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