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Turkey Day GDT: Raiders @ Cowboys 🦃

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2 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

I feel like you have absolutely no clue how QB is played. 99.9% of the time you are throwing to a spot you the WR should be. Dak read it correctly and threw it to the spot Gallup was supposed to be running to. 


If Gallup runs it right and Dak throws it where you are saying, it would be behind him. Then you would bitchh about that. 

I feel like you think you know what you are Talking about.  The DB was in tight man and did fall down. The WR was running a flag route and not an out. 

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2 minutes ago, ware94 said:

Gotta love when internet boy criticizes a professional athletes toughness.

Gotta love the internet. Boy can’t understand nuances. 

Some WRs are tougher than others. Agree? If not?  How?

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2 minutes ago, chumpy said:

Rt, he’s wide open and the Guy B needs to put the ball on him.  He had no pressure and WR was wide open 

But the QB throws the ball to where the WR is supposed to be. 

OMG..   another play of over 35  that is 6 on the day.  What a huge fail by our secondary and D...

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