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Turkey Day GDT: Raiders @ Cowboys 🦃


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5 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

Yup. This is what it is. Dak sucks. Look at how off he is. 


dumb post is dumb

Don’t twist this.  I commented on that EZ miss.  You try to bully people cuz you think you know the game. I laugh at you. 
you must have gotten beaten up a lot in HS.

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Just now, DaBoys said:

So you feel the need to make a stand to say Amari Cooper is a big tough guy that is getting unwarranted hate and then when someone brings up a test of strength it’s immature. 

Got it

If you don’t think Amari Cooper plays through injuries then I have some beach front property in Montana to sell you.


Then you try to prove your point by saying Steve Smith would beat him up and you want to talk maturity?

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