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Bye Week


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On 11/27/2021 at 1:25 PM, mayanfootball said:

PC is the one thing that'll get ya in the end. No escaping that one.

Notice he's a wrestler. Good training for a DL.

Olympic wrestler. Culp wasn't that big, even for his own era. The knowledge of leverage and balance was central to his game. As I said, he is cfredited with reinventing the NT position.

Clark Hunt had some things to say.

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Pro Football Hall of Famer Curley Culp. Curley represented the franchise with honor and respect both on and off the field. He was known as a fierce competitor and a difference maker who commanded a great deal of respect. His legacy will forever be remembered by Chiefs Kingdom. Our prayers are with his family at this time.

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With Denver beating LAC, we now have a full game lead on every team in the division. We have a 3 game division run up after the bye, so if we can win through those 3, we'll have, at minimum, a two game lead over the whole division, with tiebreakers on top of that. We can basically lock up the division if we win those 3 straight.

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