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Week 12 GDT: Titans at Patriots

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I’m turning the page guys we have no choice 

I just want to start out by saying I am proud of a lot of you in here as I feel like the overreacting isn’t happening from a lot of you in here which is a good sign lol 

Now for what was said during yesterday’s game I have no idea I didn’t look lol 

Turning the page in 3… 2.. 1. Go

Ok fellas we have a tough opponent this week 

Their defense is very good 

We have a ton of injuries 

But we are still the top seed in the AFC at the moment 

The bye week is right around the corner 

Forget about Pitt in a few weeks and SF after that and Miami and Houston and the Jags 

The focus starting right now is to win 1 game 

Find a way to win Sunday 

The Titans Defense is going to be the reason we have a shot to win this game 

If the Titans can do a good job of managing the the Patriots rushing game they will have a shot at winning this game 

Mac Jones does not use his legs at all so what Tyrod did to us yesterday won’t happen on Sunday 

But if the Titans allow Harris and Stephenson to gash us Sunday it will be a long day 

Where the Titans have a shot to make Macs day tough is the interior line for the Pats hasn’t been great 

Autry Simmons Jones are going to have to blow that up consistently 

Isiah Wynn the Pats LT isn’t very good, he’s probably better suited at Guard but the Pats keep using him at Tackle and he’s just not very good so Landry will need to take advantage of that matchup 

Pats got Trent Brown back so he has helped them a ton at RT

Yes the Pats have a very good defense 

But they havnt played a good offense during their little win streak here 

The Pats can be run on 

Unfortunately for the Titans we havnt ran well

But the Titans need to find ways to run this week

Let Foreman be the guy 

I don’t know if we’ll have AJ Brown or not 

But the Pats secondary can be passed on 

Jalen Mills is not very good 

JC Jackson more times than not has the INTs thrown right at him, it’s crazy when you look at his INTs how gift wrapped they have been in his career 

Barmore has been phenomenal for the Pats 

Hightower and Van Noy have played better of late 

The one passing weapon the Titans need to take away is Hunter Henry, hes been Macs go to guy 

This game is going to come down to coaching 

Bowen and Vrabel need to shut down the rushing attack and force Mac to have to beat them 

When Mac gets sped up a bit he starts to get shaky with the ball 

Titans O-Line has been dog crap most of this year and they are going to have to find a way to open up running lanes and protect Tannehill because Belichick is going to bring the heat 

Not going to be an easy game 

But the Titans can win 

Honeslty, a bad loss sometimes isn’t the worst thing in the world 

More times than not a good team bounces back in a big way 

If the Titans Defense can step up 1 more time like they did in LA, they will give this team a shot to win this game

Titans players and coaches need to just worry about 1 game right now, find a way to win just 1 more game then they can rest up 

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Does anyone have any idea what this running back rotation is? I feel like they're trying to force Peterson to be the guy, when Foreman is clearly better at this point in their careers. Hillard also looked capable. It's very apparent when Peterson is in the backfield it will be a run. IMO Foreman should be the bellcow with Hilliard spelling him. Worried about this week offense will be much cleaner turnover wise but not sure how well they'll be able to move the ball against NE stout defense

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3 hours ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Still super excited to watch Titan football. Everyone will count us out, which means we win by 17+. 

Pats fans have no idea what’s about to hit them 

When the Titans need to pull me out of the stands on Sunday to play WR, I’m gonna make JC Jackson my b*tch

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