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Week 12 GDT: Titans at Patriots

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Hate how Pats fans can just be like “ when we beat the Titans this week we’ll be the best team in the AFC”

All week Pats fans just chalking up wins 

Wish we were able to do that as Titans fans lol 

Am I picking us to win? No I can’t 

But Vrabel has won a handful of games as the Titans HC when we have been short handed in the past

Does win them all? No

But he’s won some

Really hope the Titans are able to shut down the Pats running game and force Mac to try and beat them 

Could absolutely see the Titans winning an ugly game this week like 16-12 or some crazy low scoring score 

Have never been less excited to go to a Titans game, all because of these damn injuries 

Hope we get some better injury news today 

If Evans and Long aren’t back, don’t get why they didn’t put them on IR?


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I’d have confidence if we were somewhat healthy, we’d beat them with no problem. Add Long, Dupree, and AJ and we win. Add Cruikshank and he helps with their TEs. Without them, it’s incredibly difficult. Mac Jones doesn’t scare me. Their receivers don’t exactly scare me either. Their TEs are pretty solid and their running game is good but that’s it. They’ll need at least two takeaways and 3 sacks to win this game. Also for Tannehill to not suck…. Full strength, we’re a top 5 talented team in this league and can beat any team in this league. When we’ve gotten to the point of relying on the ghosts of AD and now Golden Tate, you know things are rough from an injury standpoint.

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