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The Week 13 Thread!

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11 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

Conference title games

AAC: Houston (11-1) vs Cincinnati (12-0)
ACCWake Forest (10-2) vs Pittsburgh (10-2)
Big 12: Oklahoma State (11-1) vs Baylor (10-2)
B1G: Michigan (11-1) vs Iowa (10-2)
C-USA: Western Kentucky (8-4) vs UTSA (11-1)
MAC: Kent State (7-5) vs Northern Illinois (8-4)
MWC: Utah State (9-3) vs San Diego State (11-1)
Pac 12: Oregon (10-2) vs Utah (9-3)
SEC: Georgia (12-0) vs Alabama (11-1)

Pitt (wow this is an ugly CCG for the power 5)

Because Bama always does this sort of thing.

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UM, UC, OK ST falling in behind UGA in the playoffs this year?? 

Man, I do think CFP needed some new teams in the playoffs to keep things interesting. But, the way I see the playoffs playing out this year is will be quite the opposite of interesting. Could be wrong though, JMO. Good for these teams though. You win and go on to win your conference, stake your claim at that shot.

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Alabama with a loss won’t even be in the conversation imo. Not the way their season is going. As I have said though if they do the unlikely and beat UGA then good for them and put them in the 1-line. Somebody mentioned OSU still making it with chaos. That’s just as lol-worthy as 2-loss Bama. 

Real discussion could be OK ST vs. ND.

ESPN money vs. most deserving there imo.

If chaos happens and UM were to get upset by Iowa then I guess both ND and OK ST advance. I’m not even sure what you do if both UM and OK ST were to lose but definitely don’t see that happening. 

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17 hours ago, beekay414 said:

I honestly miss when USC, Texas, Miami (FL) and Florida State were legit programs. I have no idea how these schools have become may or may not make bowl game type programs but it's depressing.

Miami is just too small to compete with the SEC teams for even the top FL recruits anymore. All the cultural cache they had from the 1980s-2000s is irrelevant to zoomers. Florida State hasn't been a consistently relevant team since 2000, sans  two years of Jameis.

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