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Are the Bears going to fire Nagy after Thanksgiving?

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Just now, Malfatron said:

I hope the sideline reporter has some extra dumb questions ready for Nagy at halftime

"At least you're going to be selling your home at the right time."


"That wasn't really a question, sorry... At least you're going to be selling your home at the right time, right?"

"Uh.. yeah. I guess."

"Thanks Matt. Back to you in the studio Chris."

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8 minutes ago, wackywabbit said:

Funny to me that he has a 31-27 record and was never liked while Kyle Shanahan has a 32-40 record and is universally praised.

Apparently wins are also not a coach stat.

Yup. But to me, that's the only way to truly judge a coach.

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He needed to go, but this seems like a pretty crappy move by the Bears. 

If you're gonna fire a guy, fire him. Don't leak it ahead of time, especially on a holiday. That's highly unprofessional. 

You want to look like the bigger party that recognized that a divorce was imminent to attract a good HC candidate, this seems counterproductive to that. Provided Nagy doesn't do some crazy antics on the sidelines, he's going to look way better coming out of this than the Bears organization. 

Future job interviews:

Interviewer: "So, coach, what went wrong in Chicago?"

Nagy: "They pressured me to start a rookie who wasn't ready to play on Sundays. We went to the playoffs twice in the last 4 years and only had a losing record once, in a season that wasn't over yet, coming into a rebuilding situation coming off of 4 straight losing seasons. It's a franchise that had 3 winning seasons in the last decade and has gone through 4 HCs in the same timespan. Why didn't it work? Well, they're the type of franchise that lets a coach firing leak days in advance of a Holiday game against a division rival and still wants that coach to coach that game. Does that sound like a professional franchise that wants success to you?". 

Really bad look for the Bears, really. They'd be better off dismissing him today as damage control or trying to put the kebosh on the story and have him finish out the already lost season to save some face. 

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The Bears are a funny case because, judging by public perception, you'd think they have been a recently horrible team. Meanwhile, they finished .500 the last 2 years and 12-4 the year before that, all under Nagy. Made the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years. Maybe I'm just a dejected Giants fan, but I'd absolutely take that.

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