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Week 12 GDT - Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers

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And the Seahawks defense makes a big stop in the RZ. They are allowing 15.4 PPG the last five games.

Again, that defense may allow their fair share of yards, but they don't allow big plays and they are stingy in the RZ. It's going to be hard to put up points next week. 

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On 11/28/2021 at 8:13 PM, Forge said:

Oh man...don't be that dude. You don't ever want to be the dude complaining about holding calls. 

personally I've never faulted the refs for non calls on holding. they whistled a perfect game IMO

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13 hours ago, N4L said:

yeah, agreed 

Jimmy spoke about it publicly ("I dont like it bc it gets me out of rhythm") and then we stopped doing it. Meanwhile, Kyle kept saying publicly that he would use Trey in certain packages, although it is possible he was never serious about it and was just saying it to force teams to gameplan for it. That doesnt mean the reason for not using it was 100% on Jimmy though lol 

The reasoning Kyle used previously of why Trey didnt get any work was pretty lame as well. He would only want to use Trey once the offense is in rhythm, and he doesn't want to use it when the offense isn't in rhythm. If the offense is in rhythm, why mess with it by bringing in a new QB? If the offense was not in rhythm, that seems like the perfect time to bring in the other QB lol 

Then keep Jimmy in at QB, but have a package where Trey is in either as a trick play option or a decoy. Just watch the defense scramble to adjust for that, while leaving Kittle open for some reason. I don't know that it would mess with anyone's rhythm. It would certainly mess with the other team's assignments. Then it would also lead to tons of potential trick plays. Except that you'd have an actual QB out there, instead of Jauan Jennings, throwing the ball. 

Then again, they can save this for the playoffs. That would seriously screw with DC brains.

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