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Are the Packers Done?

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8 hours ago, FrantikRam said:

The Rams havent won a game since October 31st and have to go to Lambeau Sunday.

Sounds like we're both having first world NFL fan problems

The last time we saw the Rams at Lambeau, Donald was on the sideline in tears bc he couldn’t go out there and be himself. Now you have him coming off the BYE joining him is Von and Floyd with ARod spending all his time showing and talking about his toe. Meanwhile his key OL guys are out and no Jones, I think the Packers might have some deep problems on Sunday. Not saying the Rams will for sure win but it’s not a good look for ARod to be focused on Covid toe or a fractured toe bc I can promise you Donald will focus on making ARod day a very long and miserable and see how hurt he really is. 

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