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Jason Garrett Fired


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Wanted to be the first post it, but I now see a WFT beat me to it in another section. 

Any way this firing needed to happen for several reasons. One for those of you that don't like Judge this is a good thing. Judge could say to Mara 'Garrett was not my guy'. Now Judge can put in his guy and Mara can see if Judge is better off without Garrett, if not then this makes it easier to get rid of Judge.

Plus Garrett was just flat out bad overall, only two targets for Golladay, no wonder why he was not blocking on that wideout screen pass.

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This is only the first step to getting the team back on track. That said, it's welcome news. I would have done it during the bye so Kitchens had more time to get acclimated and connect with the guys.

This season is already lost, so Freddie might as well go nuts. Open things up and make use of our weapons. No more screen plays that have no lead blockers and gain 3 yards when we need 8+.

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1 hour ago, YogiBiz said:

This had to happen. Hopefully Kitchens can make this offense respectful. Still think DJ is toward the end of his rope. Really liking Desmond from Cincinnati.  

Ya i think its official now that DJ's job is already in jeopardy. Desmond Ridder is a solid prospect. I think the next Giants GM should heavily consider using the 2 firsts on top tier olinemen. They in round 2 take a QB. Ridder i believe can be had in rd 2. 

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