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If you were a coach, what would you want your offense and defense to look like?

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Real simple, if you were an NFL head coach, what schemes would you want your offense and defense to run out of? What do you like to run more?


FWIW, my offense is basically two different styles of offense meshed into one. Run game is just zone stretch runs, traps, and some ISO work. Pass game is WCO concepts and there's a heavy play-action and draw element to it. Also, I try to run more out of 12 and 13 personnel then anything else and have multiple plays from each formation that I'll run so it's not obvious as to what I'm running. People can pick up on some tendencies I have, but at least they won't know for sure based on formation or motion or other stuff like that.


My defense would be a blitz-heavy version of the Jim Johnson Eagles 4-3 from back in the day with a lot of man coverage and some cover 3 and cover 2 thrown in there to disguise.

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