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Week 12 Turkey / Ham / Apple / Pear Day Gameday Thread - CHI@DET, LV@DAL, BUF@NO


Who Wins   

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  1. 1. CHI or DET?

    • Chicago & mighty Andy Dalton
    • Detroit & mighty Jared Goff
  2. 2. LV or DAL?

    • Las Vegas & Derek Carr
    • Dallas & Dak Prescott
  3. 3. BUF or NO?

    • Buffalo & Josh Allen
    • NO & Taysom Hill (OK, I suppose Trevor Siemien has a shot)

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There should be a formula to determine the teams other than Detroit and Dallas that play on Thanksgiving every year.

Detroit and Dallas would each host the home opponent on their schedules that has gone the longest without a Thanksgiving appearance. Those would have been Arizona and Denver, respectively in 2021.

The remaining team with the longest active Thanksgiving drought would be one of the teams for the night game, and that team's opponent with the longest active Thanksgiving drought would be their opponent on Thanksgiving night. Using this formula, the Thanksgiving night game this year should be Jacksonville at LA Rams. The Rams would be appearing on Thanksgiving for the first time in 46 years, and the Jaguars for the first time ever.

The NFL should probably adopt this formula next year if they want to stave off any proposed bills from Congress members representing cities with NFL teams that have long Thanksgiving droughts that would remove the NFL's antitrust exemption.

For the moment, Detroit's home opponent in 2022 with the longest active Thanksgiving drought is Miami, who last appeared in 2011, but if Detroit and Jacksonville both finish last, then the Jaguars would hold that distinction, as the NFL expanded to 17 games this year. It is unlikely that Arizona or LA Rams collapse to last place in 2021.

Dallas currently has 6 home opponents outside Detroit (Cowboys-Lions matchups are the only ones that can't occur on Thanksgiving) confirmed for 2022, all of whom have had at least one Thanksgiving appearance in the last seven seasons. They are scheduled to host an NFC South team and an AFC North team for their home positional games. Currently, the standings are on pace to produce a Buccaneers-Cowboys matchup, which would be Tampa Bay's first Thanksgiving game since 2006, and Tom Brady increases their appeal. If somehow the Browns can rally to win the AFC North while Dallas holds on to the NFC East, then it should be Cleveland that goes to Dallas on Thanksgiving, which would be the Browns' first appearance on that day in 33 years.

As the team with the longest active Thanksgiving drought not playing Detroit or Dallas in 2022 (and longest overall), the LA Rams would automatically qualify for the night game. They play at both Kansas City and Tampa Bay, who both last appeared in 2006. If Tampa Bay doesn't go to Dallas, they would host the Rams on Thanksgiving night. If they do, the Chiefs would host the Rams on Thanksgiving night.

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1 hour ago, pf9 said:

Cowboys-Lions matchups are the only ones that can't occur on Thanksgiving

That's the matchup that should absolutely occur when the Divisions align. 

No flippin reason one can't travel to the other then swap 4 years later or whenever the NFCE/N play each other.

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Lions, Raiders & Bills will win today.

1)If there's 1 day you don't want to play the Lions, no matter how bad they are? It's Thanksgiving Day. I think they get their 1st win today.

2)This is more hope for me, than what I think will happen. If Raiders beat Dallas & Washington beats Seattle Monday Night? Washington will be 2 games out of 1st place with 6 games remaining. Go Raiders!!

3)I want the Saints to lose this game, but this is the toughest game to call, imo. The Bills are better, but they are NOT playing very well. I think the Bills squeak out a victory here.

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