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2022 Hall of fame semifinalists announced


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My case for Andre Johnson

  • 2x 1st team All-Pro
  • 2x 2nd team All-Pro
  • 7x Pro Bowl (PB was beginning to be a joke but voters still look at it, right or wrong)
  • 2x Reception leader
  • 2x Receiving yards leader
  • 11th all-time in receptions (9th among WRs): 1,062
  • 11th all-time in receiving yards (10th among WRs): 14,185
  • 47th all-time in reception TDs: 70
  • 1x Beating of DB Courtland Finnegan

Was he ever widely considered the best at his position? Yes
Longevity? Yes (14 years, 197 games)
Did he ever have any memorable moments? Yes, multiple.

During his prime (2003-2013) Andre had;

  1. The most receiving yards of any WR (12,661)--Wayne was 2nd (12,505).
  2. The 2nd most receptions (927) behind Wayne (930). 
  3. The 10th most receiving TDs with 61.
  4. The most games with a 100 yards or more among all WRs with 50 --Steve Smith was 2nd (41)
  5. Tied 3rd most in games with 5 receptions or more with 91--tied with Boldin/Welker and behind Fitz (93) and Wayne (100).

This is a remarkable feat considering the level of competition at the time which included the likes of; Megatron, Fitz, Moss, Owens, Harrison, Smith, Ocho, Boldin, Roddy, Wayne, Holt, Bruce etc.  Five of those names are already in Canton.

What makes all of his accomplishments even more impressive is that he did it all while playing with a shaky list of QBs during his entire career that include; a broken David Carr, Matt Shaub, Sage Rosenfels, TJ Yates, Case Keenum, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's not exactly an inspiring list. Shaub was decent but it's pretty clear that he was an average QB being propped up by the talent around him.

A few of my favorite plays:

Down by 7 against Arizona, Andre gets hung out to dry across the middle of the field and absorbs the hit like it's nothing and continues to fights thru two more tackles to bully his way into the endzone to tie the game.


Field awareness and ball control...enough said.



And ofcourse, Finnegan's well deserved beating. This was one of the rare times when fans and players all over the league collectively applauded this type of behavior. Finnegan was a well known db and was universally hated so much that players around the league even pitched in to help pay Andre's 25k fine.






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Tony Boselli:

  • 1x All Decade team
  • 3x 1st team All-Pro
  • 5x Pro Bowl (when it meant something)

Was he ever widely considered the best at his position? Yes
Longevity? No (7 years, 97 games)
Did he ever have any memorable moments? N/A--OL play

Boselli lacks longevity due to a freak injury against the Browns. He only played 6 full seasons but he was widely considered one of the best almost every year while helping to create lanes for Fred Taylor and James Stewart and protecting Mark Brunell's blindside. Taylor doesn't avg 108 ypg without Boselli and I'm pretty sure even Taylor himself would tell you the same. Anyone who is old enough to watch football in mid 90s know that back then whenever someone mentioned the Jaguars there were 3 or 4 names that would immediately pop into your head and Boselli was always one of them.

I don't understand why he has to wait any longer.

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Devin Hester

  • 2x All Decade team
  • 3x 1st team All Pro
  • 1x 2nd team All Pro
  • 4x Pro Bowl

Was he ever widely considered the best at his position? Yes
Longevity? Yes (12 years, 163 games)
Did he ever have any memorable moments? Yes, multiple.

Hester was a game-changer in every sense of the word. Everyone knows about the 19 career returns for a TD, but what I don't hear anyone talk about is how 10 of those 19 returns either gave his team the lead or tied the game, which is the most in NFL history and it's not even close. I don't mean just kick or punt returns, I mean ALL returns combined --Kickoff returns, punt returns, blocked FG returns. blocked punt returns,  fumble returns, and interception returns. No other player in history has ever had more than 6 in their career (which is a 9-way tie--Deion only has 5).

Among those 10 returns to take the lead was the opening kickoff of Super Bowl XLI, which is the first and only time it has ever happened. Another unforgettable moment happened in 2006 against the Cardinals when the Bears were trailing 17-23 with 3 minutes left and Hester returned an 83 yard punt to tie the game. The extra point gave the Bears the lead who went on to win the game 24-23. This sparked the now infamous "they are who we thought they were" rant by the late Dennis Green.


All 19 Devin Hester returns

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On 11/24/2021 at 10:07 PM, TecmoSuperJoe said:

I'd say Torry Holt, Eric Allen, Steve Tasker, Sam Mills, Zach Thomas, and Patrick Willis if you can do six. But that's three linebackers, and that won't happen. DeMarcus Ware also should be potentially first ballot. Tough. 

DeMarcus Ware over Patrick Willis is a no brainer IMO.

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