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The good, the bad, the fights, the sour beer I tried.

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We won.

Zay and Jackson did their parts well. Would've been nice to see what they could've done without getting held so much. 

We used Mariota in the RZ more often. 

Defense was alright. 



We let them claw back. 

Coaches coached not to lose too much. Go for the damn jugular!



Letting them claw back at the end. My God, Gus, figure out how to stop a TE already. 

Penalties. Clean that crap up. Our offense gets routinely stuck in 3rd and long and our defense routinely gets a dumb penalty in crucial 3rd down spots. 

Waller going down. 

Roderick Teamer. How many penalties has he had on STs? 

Allowing a kickoff return for a TD. Our ST seems to have slipped a bit as Bissacia has taken over HC duties. 

We needed yet another close to 400 yard game from Carr to win, and the weapons at his disposal to consistently do that just aren't really there every week. That's not sustainable for anyone, but I can't think of any individual who bears the fault for that other than Mayock. 





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 -d started the game with a 3 n out

-we got multiple first downs on our first drive 🥲with a first qtr td 🥲

- we even scored another first qtr td wtf 🥲 with more first downs never saw so many first down 

- thought I was dreaming longest first qtr in history and I enjoyed every second of it

-finally use mm in the redzone and quess what happened another td 🤷🏾‍♂️

-carr played smarter, worked the pocket better, played with GUTS and also ran successfully for a wait for it ….first down 

-minus that special team td defense did good

this is where y’all gonna hate on me but

-we kicked too many fgs

-carr throws for a million yards but minimal tds when we win it’s ok but when we lose it’s a problem need more tds

-luckily dall didn’t have their wrs don’t think we win if they play but we won

-djax needs to be on the field more

-leatherwood got worked by everyone 

-abrams imo can only play coverage as a deep safety and he’s not disciplined enough to do that he’s getting worked a lot by bigger wrs/te’s

-still can’t believe we did so good on offense Dallas had the #1 scoring offense so I knew it would be a shootout and we were in the thick of it


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