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Rams @ Packers (Divisional Round Rematch)


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Ive been looking forward to this game since the schedule came out. The Rams are coming off the BYE and so I expect them to get back on track. Its not going to be easy to beat the Packers with ARod playing but I do think since he has been so focused on showing and talking about his toe injury that Donald, Von, Floyd and the rest of the Rams defense need to come after him just to see how hurt he really is. Plus the Packers OL is banged up. 

The other Aaron for the Packers is playing along with Dillon so they are going to want to duplicate what they did to the Rams in the playoffs and what the Niners did to the Rams on MNF and thats run it down our throats. The Rams I have to believe will be ready for it. Make the Packers have to throw and then get after ARod. I also want to see the Rams force some turnovers. I think they forced only one turnover in the past two games. That was the interception Ramsey had right away in the 1st quarter against the Titans. 

This game the Rams need to go back to doing what they have done pretty much all season long and thats dont commit penalties, protect Stafford, and also too just start running the ball. Hendo is averaging 4.7ypc. He need more opportunities. Its going to be interesting to see how much more OBJ plays and the impact he has on this game. If the Rams come away with a victory it will not only be huge in terms of the standings but they will have confident that if they play the Packers again in the playoffs in Green Bay that they can win. I know they can win in Arizona. I know they can win in Tampa Bay. I know they can win in Dallas. I dont know if they can win in Green Bay. They have to prove it to me that they can. I think the Rams will come out and play their best football game we've seen in a month and I think the two guys that will impact this game the most are the two guys that had no impact in the playoff game when we played them. Those two players are Kupp and Donald. Im predicting the Rams to win this game and get back on track. 

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2 minutes ago, rocky_rams said:

This is complete garbage from this team the last few weeks. 

Stafford is playing as worse as Goff was and McVay hasn’t done anything to improve the offense 


Complete garbage 

It doesn't help that Hendo doesn't look great either. We miss someone like Akers to make these 3-5 yard gains turn into 8-12 yarders. He lacks explosiveness this year. 

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@Flounch The passing game isnt broken. Its going through an adjustment. The loss of Woods was huge and the addition of OBJ is going to take some time. This isnt basketball where the Nets could trade for Harden during the season and he can step right in and look like an MVP of the league. Its going to take time. Talk to me come the end of the season and if the passing game still looks like this then you definitely say its broken. Its going through an adjustment now.

@LeotheLion I know I shouldnt respond but I will bc drafting a new QB especially in this draft to replace Stafford is dumb. I do get the frustration of Stafford right now but again this offense and team in general is going through some adversity. What is crazy is we have seen this before and we know they have figured it out and went to the Superbowl. If we have never seen them go through adversity and figured it out then yes we can cry "the sky is falling". We have seen them go through adversity with Goff struggles and the offense struggled after the first half of the season lighting thing up but they figured things out and went to the Superbowl. So at least sit back and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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