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Rams @ Packers (Divisional Round Rematch)


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Problem starts at McVay he needs to figure it out.

Stafford was going to fix all our problems remember? Anybody who questioned the trade was just destroyed around here. In the last 3 weeks he has more turnovers than that terrible QB we got rid of along with 2 first round picks. And what have we got in return? Four defensive touchdowns the last 3 weeks.

McVay said we had to add speed yet we have none on offense. The next time Henderson doesn't go down at first contact will be the first time.

McVay hired his buddy Morris and the defense has regressed in unbelievable fashion. We paid Floyd big and traded for Von and we have no pass rush at all. The defense is as much McVay's fault as Morris' for his decision to hire his buddy.

My goodness this hurts we had such high hopes and the team can't stop shooting themselves in the foot and we get out coached from top to bottom every week.

Fix it McVay quit telling us in your post game presser that "we'll go to work and get better and that starts with me". We hear it every week and every week you get out coached.

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6 minutes ago, jrry32 said:

Yeah, I don't get it. That's such an easy position to find somebody good. They're undervalued. Kupp shouldn't be the guy we have to rely on.

We waste so many draft picks on "special teams" and we haven't had a returner that made a difference since Cooper. 

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