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Week 13 GDT Patriots @ Bills: Monday Night Football in OP. 1st in the East on the line!


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On 12/4/2021 at 3:08 PM, Trentwannabe said:


I hope this comes in to fruition, I would love to have the trenches back to normal on both sides of the ball. Having a 100% offense is ideal and of course 100% on defense minus tre is big for us. There is a no excuse on this game with everyone involved. Daboll needs to create plays that he hasn't put on the field yet and start throwing Belichic defense out of whack. Some jet sweeps, pitch to Saunders/beasley who then turns around and throws it to diggs/knox/davis. Quick slants to knox and beasley not long developing offensive plays. Then when you catch the man coverage you air it to diggs to beat out Jackson. As for defense we are going to need Star to shine early on and stop the run game, and edmunds needs to be on his game to make sure he is hitting the right holes to get those TFL. I just prey that Dane doesnt get cooked and if he does that Poyer or Hyde are there to help out. 

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