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Week 13 GDT Patriots @ Bills: Monday Night Football in OP. 1st in the East on the line!


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We lose this game

Matt Breida needs to be cut

Dawson Knox needs to be healthy scratch for next game

Start looking for a new OC for next season 

Enough with the lovey dovey Pegula way. It ruined the Sabres. Dont ruin the Bills

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5 minutes ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

Hyde being bitchy with reporters tells you everything you need to know about this team.

You've never won ******* anything. You've accomplished ******* nothing. You had one good year when there were no fans in the stadiums and the Patriots didn't have a ******* QB. You lost, stop being a bitchy child and take the loss, that you had, because you ******* lost, because you couldn't get off the ******* field, which made you lose.

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25 minutes ago, Dan_Bali said:

It's gonna be heartbreaking when you miss the playoffs to a rookie QB this year.  Therefore, check out the link below of things to keep yourself entertained on weekends while The Pats are hosting playoff games.


You're welcome

This is literally just straight trolling, without even an attempt to pretend you're contributing anything of substance to the site. This one isn't my forum, so I'll defer to @Trentwannabe on if he wants to issue a warning, or something. But maybe stick to the Pats forum until we learn how to act like we've been there before.

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