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The Championship Week Thread! (Because I forgot, and the Coaching Carousel consumed me)

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Thanks @StLunatic88

Week 14

Friday, Dec. 3

Western Kentucky at UTSA (Conference USA Championship Game in San Antonio, Texas) | 7 p.m. | CBSSN
Holy Cross at Villanova (FCS — Second Round) | 7 p.m. | ESPN+
Oregon vs. Utah (Pac-12 Championship Game in Las Vegas, Nevada) | 8 p.m. | ABC
Eastern Washington at Montana (FCS — Second Round) | 9 p.m. | ESPN+

Saturday, Dec. 4

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 Championship Game in Arlington, Texas) | 12 p.m. | ABC
Kent State vs. Northern Illinois (MAC Championship Game in Detroit, Michigan) | 12 p.m. | ESPN
Kennesaw State at East Tennessee State (FCS — Second Round) | 2 p.m. | ESPN+
SE Louisiana at James Madison (FCS — Second Round) | 2 p.m. | ESPN+
Utah State vs. San Diego Sate (Mountain West Championship Game in Carson, California) | 3 p.m. | FOX
Incarnate Word at Sam Houston (FCS — Second Round) | 3 p.m. | ESPN+
Appalachian State at Louisiana (Sun Belt Championship Game) | 3:30 p.m. | ESPN
Southern Illinois at North Dakota State (FCS — Second Round) | 3:30 p.m. | ESPN+
Georgia vs. Alabama (SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, Georgia) | 4 p.m. | CBS
Houston at Cincinnati (AAC Championship Game) | 4 p.m. | ABC
Prairie View A&M at Jackson State (SWAC Championship Game) | 4 p.m. | ESPN2
UT Martin at Montana State (FCS — Second Round) | 4 p.m. | ESPN+
Pitt vs. Wake Forest (ACC Championship Game in Charlotte, North Carolina) | 8 p.m. | ABC
Michigan vs. Iowa (Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis, Indiana) | 8 p.m. | FOX
South Dakota State at Sacramento State (FCS — Second Round) | 9 p.m. | ESPN+
USC at Cal | 11 p.m. | FS1

Week 14

Saturday, Dec. 11

Army vs. Navy (MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey) | 3 p.m. | CBS

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Who saw all that coming? Michigan just bullying Ohio St, a Points fest to start Bedlam, and Alabama pooping down their leg in the Iron Bowl. Now sure the Tide pulled out a mistake assisted win, but if you watched that and still want to peddle the sham that they are a great team, you are part of the problem. If that team (even at 11-1) was Ole Miss, or Tennessee, or Baylor, we wouldn’t stop pointing out the blemishes, and saying they don’t deserve it. Oh wait, we did exactly that this year for Wake Forest. Regardless of that little rant, we are down to 6 going into Championship weekend, just like we all said we would be last week. One spot is locked up, another contender’s resume is complete, and we have 4 very different Championship games that will decide who makes the playoffs.

Teams that fell out of the Playoff Chase:

Ohio St Buckeyes (10-2), Oklahoma Sooners (10-2)


SEC - 2 Teams

Georgia Bulldogs (12-0) SEC Championship

  • Locked in for about a month now, all that’s left to see is if they will be #1 going into the Playoffs. Now you cant underestimate Saban, but unless Alabama has been holding back something major all year long, seems like they will take care of business here, and be the Undefeated SEC Champion, and heavy favorite to win the National Title

Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1) SEC Championship

  • How many times can they tell you that they just aren’t the same ol’ Tide? If they struggled moving the ball for nearly 50 min against Auburn, how are they going to attack the best defense in the country? If they couldn’t shut down a hobbled backup? What is a competent QB/offense going to do to them? Most already think that the spread is too high, but I think there is a chance that its not high enough

BigTen - 1 Team

Michigan Wolverines (11-1) BigTen Championship

  • Hats off to Michigan for one of the most impressive performances all year. Did not see that coming, thought if they were going to win, it was going to be an ugly 17-13 game or something like that. But they aren’t there yet, while Wisconsin fell flat on their face, is it that hard to imagine the Wolverines and Harbaugh stumbling all over themselves against Iowa with everything on the line, just within reach? I hope they don’t, but Ive seen this movie before.

Big XII - 1 Team

Oklahoma St Cowboys (11-1) BigXII Championship

  • Very strange first half, but the Cowboy defense we have seen all year resurrected in the second half and won them their biggest game of the year. And man they were impressive to finish out that game. One more win and they have for sure one of the best resumes in the country, but they could get left out in the end because of whatever the reason that the Committee looks down on the BigXII this year. Heres hoping everything falls right, and we get to see Gundy in the spotlight alittle longer this year.

AAC - 1 Team

Cincinnati Bearcats (12-0) AAC Championship

  • Step one; beat IU and ND (Check), Step two; go undefeated in the regular season (Check) Step three; win the AAC Championship (   ) That’s what we laid out in front of Cincinnati to get their bid into the College Football Playoff at the start of the year. And while it hasn’t been some masterpiece to watch (close/ugly wins) or even the quality we though it would be (IU sucking) they have risen to the challenge thus far, and you have to commend them for that, and in the end reward them for it if they can finish it off against a Houston team thats no joke

Independent - 1 Team

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (11-1) N/A

  • Can you imagine a team making the playoffs without its HC or its DC? That is on the table, and Im here for it. They have a very solid resume, not crazy impressive, but in this year of mediocrity, that’s good enough to have your hat in the ring.

Obviously the huge game is the SEC Championship, both teams could make it in, but I honestly think this may end up being a defensive snoozer and a huge letdown of a game. It will be interesting to see where they put these teams if Alabama can pull one out though. Im very excited for the AAC Championship, I still think Houston is for real, and is much better than where the Committee has kept them down. The Bearcats are not out of the woods yet (but that true home game is nice). I don’t know how to feel about the BigTen Championship game, the Michigan/Iowa match up just feels so weird. This should be an obvious Wolverines win, they just do everything Iowa does but better than Iowa does it. But if suddenly the Hawkeyes find a turnover for a TD or two? Could be a disaster for the BigTen. And finally, the rematch in the BigXII title game, should be more of what we got last time, but it’s a neutral game, and Baylor is starting to feel themselves. Do some of the rumors with Aranda cause some distractions? We shall see

My Playoff Rankins for this week:

  1. Georgia Bulldogs
  2. Cincinnati Bearcats
  3. Michigan Wolverines
  4. Oklahoma St Cowboys
  5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  6. Alabama Crimson Tide

Georgia is the undisputed #1. I would have slid Ohio St up over Cincinnati with stacking impressive Wins over Michigan schools, but with the Wolverines only having the one banner win, I leave the Bearcats at #2. That leaves Michigan at #3 with one very impressive win, and then Oklahoma St is at #4 with a bunch of solid wins/impressive performances over lower tier teams, and a very good win over Oklahoma, its just not as much as what Michigan has (still wish they got a fair shake at ISU). And I am going to continue to penalize Alabama for awful performances, and bailouts over much inferior teams. Notre Dame hasn’t been that impressive, but they sure have made me feel better about them than what Alabama has put on the field this year. Defense is back in college football and I love it, time to give to a Heisman to that side of the ball, thats where the best players are this year.

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6 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

Let's say Bama wins. Who gets left out? Cincy or Ok State?

As much as I hate that OK State got the raw end of the deal in Ames, they do have that loss on their resume. And in the end Cincinnati doesnt.

Not to mention, Cincinnati still has the better win (ND over OU) and what would be their secondary wins (Houston/SMU) are probably on the same level or very close to OK States 2 Baylor wins. 

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I put last weeks performance for Bama on them looking ahead and they really should have lost that game cause of that. Saban is gonna get those guys ready and up for this game. He will get to play the underdog card and use last weeks performance as a way to wake up the team. 

Call me dumb or whatever but I need to see Stetson Bennett do it. That defense is GREAT no doubt about it but there is gonna come a time where Bennett needs to make a play and last year he crumbled against Bama. Don’t think this is a lay up for Georgia like most think 


I love the Pitt/WF game.. No defense is gonna get played in that game. Gonna be a shoot out.

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7 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

I put last weeks performance for Bama on them looking ahead and they really should have lost that game cause of that. Saban is gonna get those guys ready and up for this game. He will get to play the underdog card and use last weeks performance as a way to wake up the team. 

When are we going to believe what are eyes have been telling us about this team though? Florida, Texas A&M, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn. At some point, these games are no longer a coincidence.

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Because I want as many Northern teams as possible in the CFP, for best results Michigan, Cincinnati, Georgia, and Baylor all need to win. The former three would secure CFP spots for themselves, and Baylor would secure one for Notre Dame.

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9 hours ago, agarcia34 said:


I put last weeks performance for Bama on them looking ahead and they really should have lost that game cause of that. Saban is gonna get those guys ready and up for this game. He will get to play the underdog card and use last weeks performance as a way to wake up the team


 It it wasn’t just last week, it’s been half their season. And if you can’t get up for your biggest rival, with your playoff hopes on the line, your team probably just doesn’t have it

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