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Urban Meyer Thread


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1 hour ago, Chops013 said:

This is going to end with Baalke picking the next coach isn’t it?

Probably because Kahn just can’t get this thing right he alway holds holdovers from the previous staff it’s the Jags version of insanity.. bang your head on the same wall and expect different results. You just don’t hand the keys to your franchise over to a personality like Urban he’s showed a lack of maturity throughout his entire career pretty much.. maybe not so much at Bowling Green and Utah but the verdict has been out on Urban since Florida.. yet people still stick their necks out for Urban because he is super successful but when you’re dealing with a personality like Urban with professional players how anyone thought this would end any differently should have known better.

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9 hours ago, Uncle Buck said:

Part of me wants to give Urban more time to build up the roster some more implement his plan, but I have to say that listening to some of his answers in interviews is not inspiring a lot of confidence in him.  He seems to answer questions by saying that someone else on the coaching staff is taking care of this or that, and that is why he can't answer the question.  Then we hear reports of him being very domineering and hard to work with.  Which is it?

I'd hate to make a switch after just one year, but we HAVE to protect Trevor too.  Even though it's a setback to put him into a situation where he needs to learn a completely new system in his second year, it may be preferable to making him stay in a dysfunctional environment.  

If we were winning more games, an argument could be made that Urban is just misunderstood, but is this team really any better right now than they were last year?  The defense may be a little better, but for the team overall, I don't see much improvement.  That can't happen when you are comparing the current team to last year's 1-15 team after a year of work.

If we moved on, I would be OK with it, but I would also want to replace Baalke because he doesn't exactly inspire confidence either.

When u bench your best player sans Lawrence and refuse to play him after 1 mistake for his boy Hyde.  He clearly plays favorites with his boys from college. 


You then lie and say it was the RB coach who benched him that's where you draw the line and instead of owning up to his mistake he blames someone else

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I normally don't post in other team's forums, but as a Florida fan that is very familiar with Meyer I have to give my two cents.

It is clearly obvious that the team has completely quit on him and I don't blame them one bit. Meyer is a toxic scumbag and everyone knew he was a terrible hire to begin with. Keeping him around just because you don't want to pay him to sit on his couch is poor logic; he is single-handedly preventing the team from having any kind of growth and there's no way the team will get better with him on the sideline. Don't give him the benefit of quitting like he's done in the past: pay what you owe and give him the treatment all bad coaches deserve, which is getting straight up fired.

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