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2022 KC Chiefs Opponents


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Disclaimer: While the opponents are set, the allocation of home/away games is (with the exeption of the NFC South opponent) a projection based upon previous seasons.

NFC West

(H) Seattle Seahawks
(H) Los Angeles Rams
(A) Arizona Cardinals - possible game in Mexico City
(A) San Francisco 49ers

NFC South

(A) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - possible game in Munich

AFC South

(H) Tennessee Titans
(H) Jacksonville Jaguars
(A) Houston Texans
(A) Indianapolis Colts

AFC East

(H) Buffalo Bills

AFC North

(A) Cincinnati Bengals

AFC West

(H - A) Denver Broncos (x2)
(H - A) Las Vegas Raiders (x2)
(H - A) Los Angeles Chargers (x2)

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With the hosts of the five 2022 international games announced there are two realistic options for the Chiefs to go abroad:

1. @ Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City. Other teams to consider: Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers
2. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Munich. Only one other team to consider: Carolina Panthers

I assume IF the Chiefs go abroad it will be to a country where they have been awarded international marketing rights.  This is not the case in England. The Chiefs got Mexico and Germany.
Furthermore I checked the opponent lists. The only other teams that have a) marketing rights in Germany or Mexico and b) play away games against the Cardinals or the Buccaneers are those listed above.

I didn't check for the England games, however, neither the saints nor the Packers have marketing rights there. They actually didn't get awarded any international marketing rights yet.


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While this is a tough schedule, it could be worse. Outside of the AFC Weat, we play a very strong NFC division but a very weak AFC division. The three out-of-base games are all potentially beasts, though Tom Brady's retirement takes a big bite out of Tampa Bay. We play all four of the other teams from the last three Super Bowls. 


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