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Greg Cook vs. Bert Jones


Which quarterback was better/had more potential?  

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    • Greg Cook
    • Bert Jones

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Well, Walsh is on record saying that Cook was like Steve Young, but bigger. In addition he said he could have gone down as potentially the greatest talent that ever played. Pretty bold claim obviously, but Walsh in addition to Sam Wyche were there in Cincinnati when Cook was showcasing what he could do. Seems both men had confidence that at the very least he would have been on of the better trigger-chiefs in the land if he had stayed healthy. 

Bill Belichick is on record saying Bert Jones is the best talent he had ever been around, and that to this day he hasn't seen anyone in person with that kind of whip. We saw a little more of Jones, but injuries nuked his production in along with the Colts getting worse as a team. Would have been interesting to see what he could have done on a team like the Rams or Steelers during his peak. 

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I remember both of them. Bert Jones was the single greatest nemesis in Dolphins history. He was despised in Miami and it looked like that would last 12+ years. It was almost like we didn't have anyone to fear/hate when he got injured.

Keep in mind that Jones came along after the Dolphins lost Csonka/Kiick/Warfield but while the remainder of the championship teams was mostly intact. That's what made it so agonizing. We thought we'd retool with a few adjustments and acquisitions. Then Bert Jones came along and was always doing just enough to win the division and deny very good Miami teams the playoffs.

Jones had the longer delivery and an absolute whip. I'm not sure I've ever felt so hopeless as fan of an opposing team. NFL defenses could still do almost anything at hat point. Yet Bert Jones could always take the final critical drives and make huge plays with his arm and also occasionally while running.

He didn't have the greatest touch. Basically a more talented John Elway.

Greg Cook was when I was younger. Also an extremely short career. I just remember he was already acknowledged as a budding star, then it was over. Everyone was rooting for him. For a couple of seasons you hoped Cook could come back, but word spread that it was hopeless. He is the first athlete I remember who had his career ended early like that. Basically the quarterback version of Marcus Dupree. I remember I felt bad for the Bengals for a long time. Even when Kenny Anderson got very good you kept thinking...yeah, but they should still have Greg Cook.

Cook had greater variety than Jones and was more cerebral. Not the same arm strength.

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